For the love of god fix amara

I really wanted to play an elemental build, and out of all four characters, this one is horrid. I am really not a fan of any of the new characters, I played Maya and Gaige in last one, really wanted to like Fl4k or Maya, but only one seems to do decent. There is little option for a “caster” type playstyle, other than Amara and she has a horrid time on many bosses. Pain and terror is especially rough since your ability is pretty much useless.

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Even if she’s not a boss killer, she can kill groups of mobs like it’s nobody’s business. Characters having certain roles establishes a meta, which makes the game more interesting imo


If you build mostly in to Mythical Assult and some other Skills to gain multi hit damage capacity you can abuse her gun damage skills to absolutely destroy bosses. Choosing an action skill element and then using Infusion means you can actually bow out of having that elemental type on your guns. I go with fire and normally look for any of the other 4 elements.

Honestly this is preference based. Maybe she is just not the Vault hunter for you. If you like Gaige Moze and Iron Bear are a ton of fun. Or maybe FL4K with a loyal companion all the time!.

Go to the bottom of the orange tree, after that take Laid Bare from the blue tree. For bosses you take an action skill from the blue tree and for trash you take one from the orange tree.
I can’t see how this won’t work with proper items.

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I was in that boat for BL2, didn’t care for any of the characters; they were not lilith. I have a maya and kreig lvl 72, well, 80 now… but just didn’t care for the feel of any of them really. Athena from TPS was a lot of fun but that game was lesser in most ways aside from actually having a character I liked. This time around I am really liking amara and fl4k and, despite not typically liking pet classes, I even like Zane. Moze isn’t for me.

Speaking of zane, he might feel more caster to you… idk what caster really means in a game like this though. I mean my amara uses all elemental weapons, plays in close but is not melee, casts my smashy fist version of phaselock every time its avail (20 sec CD) w/ singularity effect, and has been doing pretty great overall. I’m now lvl 50 but I haven’t dipped into TVHM or M3 yet. If caster means short CD’s, action skills that do tons of work and mid/long range then zane might fit better. Amara doesn’t seem to do range well and while her CD’s are somewhat short she seems to benefit most from simply casting her action skill rather than whatever the skill does since casting triggers stuff. I mean its still pretty useful to have smashy fists hammering down a bunch of shields and locking up a guy but thats not why I cast it ASAP every chance I get. Even fl4k might have a build for you with his rakks on a negligible CD if invis isn’t your thing. Seen a snippet of a good rakk build today on a vid from Arekkz Gaming on YT when he was covering his crit build.

Only problem is fl4k and Moze can melt mobs just as easily and still melt bosses much faster. And Moze is literally unkillable while doing it.

On the bright side we are better off than Zane

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Aftter reading this I honestly just think your bad witht he charscter

Amara is much more effective against bosses than Maya ever was.