For the love of god Gearbox NEEDS to fix the FoV

Hi all,

I’ve always loved borderlands. I bought BL2 and the season pass on pc when it first launched and loved it. When I saw the handsome collection I thought it would be a good time to get back in this incredible franchise. The value was great and way cheaper than if I wouldve bought the remaining DLCs for BL2, TPS and it’s season pass on pc. On top I could make some use of my xbox one and play with my friends online and in splitscreen!

Everything at first seemed great, 60 fps, 1080p, great textures. But there was one thing that feeled off. The field of view. It’s terrible. 70. On ‘‘next gen console’’. You can’t see jack sh*t! I’m always turning around trying to find the enemy, and don’t get me started when I’m gunzerking, the guns fill all the screen!

I’m used to play at 100 on PC, but this could be a little to much. But 70 is waaaaay to low, it’s the same as the xbox 360. I’ve seen a lot of complains about this and I even have a few friends that won’t jump on console and get the handsome collection for this very reason. I even read that many people are getting sick and nauseous because they always need to spin around to see the enemy.

I’m sure the PS4 and xbone can run at higher FoV. It would be easy for gearbox to implement in the option the setting FoV with low (being 70) and high (being 90) and put a little disclamer saying high may reduce performance. They done that with bioshock 1, you could turn off or on vsync for better performance and they warned you about it.

What do you guys think? I’m a bit turned off by the handsome collection cause of this thight FoV, I can’t see properly!



Apreed. I play at 90 fov on PC BL2 and its night and day difference. I dont under stand why low FOV is a console standard without a slider option.

Processing power. The consoles can just handle it as is.

The only people who complain about the FOV are PC players. If you can play the game on PC, it’s going to be better. Fact. The PC version is still the flagship version. If I had a good PC I’d be playing it on PC. But I don’t, and I do have a PS4, so that’ll do me.

Console versions are just that.

Well this isn’t true. Maybe it would affect the performance if it were at 90 FoV while playing 4 players splitscreen, but single player, no. Just look at the halo collection. 1080p 60fps and the FoV is larger than 70. Borderlands THC is by far the smallest and the most annoying FoV I’ve seen yet on my xbox one.

As I mention, they could integrate a warning upon switching the FoV higher so people could set it back when they want to play 4 players splitscreen.

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Split screen already runs at a lower frame rate. Maybe when they finish optimising they might do it.

But my point still stands…its only pc players complaining. Just play on pc if you want pc power.

Well my point still stands too, the current console should be able to handle it. As you mentioned, maybe they’ll optimize the game more. Even if currently most of the complaints toward the FoV are from PC gamers, people with nausea simply doesnt know what is causing it YET or others may simple doesnt know what is FoV and that it’s tweakable. Is this a reason to not ask gearbox to bump their game where it can and should be? Also, I paid my game on xbox to play it on xbox, I don’t want to waste that 60$ by going back to PC.

I really hope gearbox will do something about it and we need to at least try to convince them. I mean, why spit on something we could all benefit from?

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That’s not Borderlands you’re playing!

But yes you’re right the FOV is hideous and a major issue, at least give us an FOV slider so we can make our own minds up. Tbh though i think a wider FOV would just effect framerate etc even more, making tha game slower and more stuttering than it already is.


Fair point; taken.

i find the lack of communication from gearbox worrying tbh…i know it was said they were looking at optimising thr FPS…but that was weeks ago

Well put. I only play on console because my best buds are on them and ifi hadnt played pc i wouldnt have noticed BUT i would have headaches. FOV would benefit console players greatly and be worth a possible fps hit. At least have the slider option.

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I agree about the FOV option.

One thing that I noticed about TPS on PS4 vs PS3 is the FOV feels way off during vertical splitscreen co-op. Everything feels… zoomed in? Anyone else experiencing this? Even the menu is zoomed in where you need to scroll to see everything. I feel like I need to take PS3 vs PS4 comparison screenshots because currently the PS4 version feels unplayable like this.

Yeah I’ve noticed it too with a friend, splitscreen on TPS feeled like you were super zoomed in, very hard to play and enjoy. It’s the same on xbox one.

^ Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. Here’s what I’m talking about:

It’s not a perfect 1:1 comparison, but hopefully it gets the point across. The guns are less in view, the FOV is zoomed in… It’s really drastic, especially in motion.


I wouldnt be suprise if it’s a bug that makes players to share the same FoV, so it would be 35 each. I’m just speculating but yeah, it’s the exact same on xbox one and it sucks :confused: I have faith though that gearbox will fix it eventually.

thats normal mate, they are not going to say anything else until they have fixed it and patch is due for release or released already. there is no point in them coming in an saying something like “hey guys so you know that fps issue an performance issue? well were still working on it” thats completely pointless an it helps nobody. when gbx has fixed it or has something to say about the issue im sure they will. but this type of silence on big issues is normal practice for gbx an other devs especially once they have already said that they are looking into fixing it an what can be done.

if you dont hear anything in 3-6 months about this issue then you should start to worry lol. but a few weeks is nothing. i would expect this to be fixed within a month or possibly 2 from release any thing sooner is quit quick. by the time its been fixed an also checked that its fixed an the patchdoesnt break anything else. those things will take a lil bit of time along with fixing it.

Fixing the various bugs is going to be a bit problematic since it seems gearbox outsourced bl2 and tps ports to two different companies. Iron Galaxy and Armature.

Not saying gearbox isn’t partly responsible but it certainly makes the fixing of the issues rather time consuming. I would imagine gearbox would have to have these companies fix the issues with the ports rather than gearbox themselves fixing it. Iron Galaxy was pretty decent at fixing up their bl2 port for vita but I don’t know about Armature. TPS is having the most issues so I would assume Armature would have to fix it.

Great pics!

It’s exactly the same with the XO version, the tiny FOV is vomit inducing!

No offense, but I don’t think you understand what increasing the FoV does to a game and what is required to get that increased FoV.

Basically, a higher Field of View means the console has to render more items and pixels to show everything. Our consoles don’t have the power to do this. I’m sure it could go a little higher if they gave us the option to turn down PhysX and Gore. That would give a boost to game performance.

Another thing you have to take into consideration is how the game and engine are coded for the console. Can the game engine effectively render more items on the screen with how it’s coded? We don’t know, only a dev can answer that.

The Halo: MCC is not a good example to compare as the scale of the that game is far less than Borderlands 2 or TPS.

We’ve already got fps and screen tears going as is I’m pretty sure increasing the field of view would result in graphics and fps suffering.

I think the fps and screen tears should be looked at first, especially on tps.

So the FOV slider has been implemented. Any one have before and after shots? I’ve been running it at 110 since but It’s been so long since I played I dont have a Base comparison.