For the love of God please can anyone spare a Level 80 Pimpernel?

I’ve been trying to get a Pimpernel from soneone for several months.

I will happily trade and I have a lot of really good level 80 loot.

Try me?


Why not just reset UVHM and grab one from quest?

Well I thought of this but I don’t want to undo my progess. Besides I’ve already farmed everything else I need for literally months before I have one last play on the new DLC. I’ve got literally everything but a Pimpernel lol.

You don’t need completed UVHM to start new DLC :slight_smile: So you can always reset, speedrun through Scarlet dlc and then start FfS.

Hmm. Well I’ve finished UVHM. What exactly do I lose if I reset? It could make farming some of the bosses a ballache no? Like, I couldn’t just run to Pete’s Bar anymore and smash the Ultra Invincible Pete…? With all the bosses I’d have to play all the content again before I can farm them no? Or can you just reset certain DLCs?

Sorry that’s a lot of questions

(I’m on Xbox btw.)

No you’d have to reset UVHM as a whole. There is no way to reset DLC alone.

I’ll hook you up with that pimpernel rifle, no trades needed. I won’t get home from work until 7pm ‘ish (PST)

GT: Juzamee

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God bless you my good man <3

I’m online now, send me an invite to your game?


Hope I didn’t miss you!

I’m playing right now :grinning:

Hmm says you offline

For some odd reason i couln’t join your game.

Aaaarghhh noooo lol

Says you joined party but are offline!

On my end it says that you are offline lol, no idea


I try restart

Not working. Any ideas? I was just online with someone else giving them a load of gear so it should be fine :confused: