For the love of God. SKIP CUT SCENES!

Why oh why can’t I skip the opening cut sene?


You can by renaming the movie cut scenes.

So you need to modify game files to add features that game developers couldn’t bother to add? That’s some quality AAA gaming for you.


Well, to be honest: IF you do rename the files, you will get Claptrap roaming around on your screen while loading. Some type of loading there has to be;)

No kidding. Also gating progress behind what feels like 5 minutes of talking at a time is really annoying. If only there was a ‘Speedrun Mode’ or ‘Grind Mode’ in the options which just moved the quest markers along without having to wait. It’ll probably never happen… but I can dream.

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Come one. Why can’t I escape out of cut scenes like 99% of other games allow? Especially, the intro for new characters. No reason to sit through these multiple times!