For the moment, haveing more fun with

Borderlands, Game Of The Year edition.

For me, it’s probably discontent with how the whole legendary and Mayhem systems in Borderlands 3 are set up.

I’ve probably played Borderlands 1 dozens of times. Borderlands 3 probably will not, without substantial change that feels like improvement.

Borderlands 3 is just feeling boring.


You know, I downloaded BL1 to replay on my PC.
Something about the FOV drives me nuts though. The gun looks canted at the wrong angle. Darn you future games that ruin older games!!!


Yeah, me too. Just yesterday I had my first legit Ajax Ogre drop after more than 10 years on and off farming. And it’s…well, it sucks. It’s worse than my AR390 Pearl Ogre actually.

But still, it was worth it. Every minute of farming for the extremely rare hybrids and pearls is worth it.

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Deleted bl3 and returned to bl2 . Bl2 doesn’t have stupid and unnecessary modifiers to enjoy a game .


Yeah you’re right. It has mandatory slag in end game instead, enemies with billions and billions of hp cause end game was balanced around the fact that everyone used Bee Shield, mandatory health gate exploit on TVHM if you don’t want to spend your life on your knees so you’re forced to use Grog Nozzle.

I’d take random modifiers that you can setup yourself all day over this.


BL1 is the dullest of the series. But I do miss two things from it. Each character being able to switch up their action skill elements. And weapon proficiencies.

I can’t go back to any of them anymore, though. Maybe if UVHM was excised from 2 and TPS and TVHM leveled all the way up I might be tempted to max out a few characters. Especially in TPS. I’ll take optional Mayhem modifiers over UVHM eight days a week.

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Curious as to why you think so.

I can see why BL2’s UVHM (due to it’s exponential scaling, enemy health regen and thus reduced usefulness of dots, reliance on slag and moxxi weapons/health gating, and just the exorbitant numbers), but why TPS?

It was way better scaled than BL2, no OP levels, cryo >>> slag, and higher shield values/lower health values. Also the arena in the Claptastic DLC was really well designed in terms of adding modifiers to combat.

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Man I loved the Ajax ogre. What was I doing differently? It’s been over a year since I played goty.

True slag and bee shield are op but I had a choice not to use them without loss of challenge and the better gear . Bl3 doesn’t give me that .

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I guess your luck with RNG was better than mine.

Actually my drop was ok-ish, but the slightly lower damage in comparison to my Pearl Ogre and the fire rate of 6.9 makes it worse. Still wrecks though.

All opinion here. But I feel exactly the other way around. BL2 was garbage compared to any other entry in the series. To me, that is.

I went back and played a ton of BL1 recently and had so much fun. I never maxed all 4 of the characters before that so it was a great experience.

Even BL2’s endgame with all of its problems is so much more fun for me than BL3 is currently. On BL2 I could start at UVHM OP0 and if that was too easy I could slowly up the OP levels until I found a good level where tons of gear options are still viable, slag isn’t required, healthgate abuse isn’t rampant, but the combat is still difficult enough to be engaging. BL3 almost gives me that freedom but I can’t disable modifiers and that really hurts the experience. Also I hate anointments in their current state which is an even bigger issue to me than the forced modifiers.

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Because the final boss in TPS is nigh impossible for me in TVHM, and everything else in TVHM was hard enough that I don’t want it any harder, but I would have liked to have maxed out the characters.