For the new Moze, pickup a Ghost Call, that is all

For M3 Shaft farm. Pair with Ogre with Means of Destruction and/or Some for the Road heavy weapon spam. Thank me later. Simple as that

Ghost Call should be farmable; Ogre is random. For a starting heavy weapon, farm the Freeman from the Warden in the Anvil.

Once you have extreme heavy weapon spam, Ogre becomes optional for grenade regen. Ogre + Ghost Call are also strong on their own

I’ve picked up like 8 different Ghost Calls but they are all either normal Ghost Call or Roided Ghost Call (20% more dmg i believe?). Which one would you say is the best variant people should be shooting for?


What you really want is a Vindicator ghast call, it is the hardest to get but more them worth it.

Excellent advice TC.

Truth be told , if you want to spam grenades as much as possible, Ogre plus ANY grenade will suffice.

I just beat the bandit Slaughter Shaft on M3 again using my 1hp bloodless moze with a recurring Hex, an ogre (for grenade regen) a shredifier (my main gun), a shock cutsman( for shields ) and a corrosive breath of the dying (for armor).

Having the ogre quickly refill my grenades to refill shields really made the shaft much more bearable. My biggest challenge ended up being boredom since it takes like an hour to beat.

But yes ogre is great to refill grenades with MoD.

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Roided tbh, with the easy aim it will melt hardened badasses even in second wind

I can’t seem to get any version except the vanilla Ghast Call to drop in voracious canopy

Can Ghost Calls come with annointments? Got about a dozen normal ones so far, about 5 roided and one cloning (which I’m using right now), but not a single one had an annointment on it…

Haven’t seen one yet from what I recall, and I’ve seen a lot

Have been busy with with (and play); maybe there is a good farming method that can be lookedup / figured out and written up

Does the Ghost Call trigger Vampyr? I wanna know if it’d be a viable replacement for beam grenades for Moze. Currently struggling in getting a good replacement grenade mod.

Yep! It triggers both MoD and Vampyr. Got my cloning ghost call yesterday, it’s basically the only good nade left for her.