For the next Duke Nukem game, a list of ideas

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #1

I think that for starters, base mechanics like Health, Atomic Health and Armour pick ups as well as the EGO meter being a Power Up mode/Mana bar for spells as well as the Mighty Foot returning and having fists with mighty right foot alt fire be your starting kit along with a M1911. Weapon wheel and weapon slots 1 to 8 with equipment items as well as F for EGO meter power up would be good.

?If you recall duke’s Penthouse in DNF, he did boxing so a Kickboxer or MMA hand to hand combat fighting style would fit. First Person with Third person perspective would be intersting if Sprinting is used for movement mechanics. First person would allow for dashing while third person would allow for dodge rolls and both could have pros and cons like dashing allows for combos with quick melee while dodge rolls put distance between your foes and you.

Tonally, I think that Duke’s like of “I go where I please and please where I go” should make Duke out to be a '80ties and '90ties action hero with a little influence from James Bond. Duke’s personality should be a Playboy with a hidden heart of gold and one liner delivered with the same impact as Duke’s arsenal. No feminism or politically correct hings unless it is parodied, plus Duke is definitely a egalitarian that wants your worth be from your character. Also, we could get in some dating sim elements or social aspects, a bit of Deus Ex and Mass Effect. We could take advantage of Duke’s womanizer reputation and implement blatant fanservice in the form of babes you can date and “have fun” with. Sex with optional full scene option.

Which reminds me, Doom 2016 or Shadow Warrior 2013 type game of open levels or Borderlands or Shadow Warrior 2 open world with a hub area for the game world?

Weapons with a alt fire and upgrade system? Or weapons you can buy/get from a armory and world drops with modifiers for weapons? I think cross promotions with Bulletstorm and Battleborn could work, maybe even some Brothers in Arms/WW2 weapons arsenal could be a thing as well as Wild West era guns and Duke’s Standard arsenal and even some of the Duke Nukem 64 weapons.

What do you think of this? would this work?

(Redxplatinum) #2

I’m not sure how I feel about Duke Nukem using spells. Maybe like a Ultimate Move from Borderlands would work, but then again Duke Nukem games already has a supply of power-ups, like steroids, beer, holoDuke, so I would rather see those power-ups return than the Ultimate Move button. Since it’s Gearbox, I can see the Ego meter work as a shield like how it is in Borderlands/Battleborn. Like if you get hit, the Ego meter will deplete first before depleting the Health meter. When you’re out of combat, Ego meter will recharge but Health will stay the same until you get a med kit or something.

Switching between third-person and first-person seems interesting. Like in fps view space is for jump and tps view space is for dodge, but I’m not sure if it can be implemented. Dodging in fps view may give some nausea I would think, and Duke isn’t someone that would do a dash like new Lo Wang in Shadow Warriors.

Duke should have an ESTP personality, which basically mean no heart of gold. He protects the women and the world out of duty. I don’t think a dating sim would work for Duke Nukem, he’s too impatient to find out what a gal likes and dislikes and just rather let the gal fall into his arms. Though I wouldn’t mind having different type of babes in a penthouse like they did in DNF. I always seen Duke Nukem as a lone wolf so any social aspects wouldn’t work for me.

I would like the Half-life or DNF style levels. Environment interactivity should be there, maybe as a means to upgrade your Ego meter like in DNF.

For weapons, I would like the old line-up to return plus some new alien technology type guns. I don’t how what they can upgrade aside from stats upgrade. Even then we never had to upgrade the classic weapons so why now? If the gun count exceeds 9, they should do it like Borderlands, like set which weapon goes on what number key. Or they can set a two-weapon limit again and you pick up what you see, I didn’t really mind that in DNF, it made the gameplay intense when you run out of ammo and have to look for a hidden shotgun somewhere. Oh, they should put secrets as well. DNF had secrets too, like a hidden weapon tucked in the dark, or high to reach areas but no one talked about them.

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #3

In regards to the EGO meter, my idea is that that is a representation of nanomachines Duke got injected with for a super Soldier program and the first “spell” is about getting a Shield passive and you unlock the ability to get temporary plus 50HP increase, Bullet time, Berserker mode, Double damage, Freaking weapon boosts like Bulletstorm Blood Symphony(foes explode into ludicrous gibs), AOE Novas and more can be unlocks for the EGO meter as well as gaining several charges of Ego through interactions or Socializing. Feeling good increased Duke’s Ego, which is why I suggested that the Babes in Duke’s life get a more prominent role. this also allows for satisfying fetishes like standard things seen in the DNF Digs and you can add Monster Babes to that as well as a plot point or some such. Even a asskicking action babe would be someone Duke would like.

I mentioned James Bond as a influence to Duke’s character because he too has a duty to crown and country, but had hidden depths and even cares for the women he beds. Bond even got married once. Point is, I do not think that duke caring for the women is out of character. Hell, it makes a twisted sort of sense that Duke is a guy with a harem, but in the case he falls in love he will stick to a babe.

Holoduke like in DNF(Decoy out and you are cloaked), Beer, Sterioids, Night Vision, Jetpack, protective boots and more are equipment items with their own select screen.

With DNF, the weapon carrying capacity was limited to the quick switch button for 2 guns, which was increased to 4 guns on Pc. Now you have a 8 slot weapon wheel, so Duke getting a varied arsenal of both melee and ranged weapons to equip/fund/buy and use would work so much. As well as all the reference possibilities in weapon names alone. :grin:

Duke is a “Action movies the Parody&Reference character” so making his arsenal a love letter to action movies would be good. Even humble Film Noir to Westerns and up to 70’ties and 8’ties and 90’ties action movies would be good. Sci Fi from realistic-ish Spy movies like 007 to more outlandish ones could work. Cross promotion would Bullestorm could also work by adding the Leash as a Equipment item with the Slam as a alt fire and it could use EGO for resource.

We could have Duke’s known Arsenal be good and have certain advantages, for example the Ripper is a light(meaning less movement speed penalty when firing) two handed Heavy assault class weapon but it can be used underwater, while something like Tittyyana(Hail to the Icons DLC weapon) is better on land and lowers your max speed while using it and cannot be used underwater.

Duke always talks about going Medival on Alien asses, so why not include a arsenal of Medieval weapons like daggers, clubs, swords, longswords, halbeards, spears, crossbows and even arquebusses two handed and handgun form? Even gauntlet augments that you can carry that change your punching effectiveness would be good.

Wild West type of weapons could also work in Duke’s favor, the iconic Colt Navy could work as well as the Winchester 1887 shotgun, the pump action Winchester the Lever action 1995 Rifle and others could be good.

Modern stuff could be regular things like a crowbar, bat, combat/trench knife, batons, andhandguns could be .44 Magnum, Berreta M9, M1911, Deagle 50. cal, Mateba 2006/chiapa Rhino handcannon version, SMGs MP5, Tommy guns, SPAS 12 and shotguns the Remmington 850 and a double barrel shotgun, Assault rifles like the M16 full auto with the American flag wrapped around the carry handle a Assault rifle with a underbarrel grenade launcher, SMGs like the Uzi, Scorpion machine pistols, sniper rifles, rocket and grenade launchers, and much more.

Sci Fi stuff like the Shrinker, the Freeze and Flamethrower could work, as well as the Railgun and laser weapons with the advantage of working in outer space. the Laser pistol could have a charged shot, shotgun a singe shot alt fire, Assault laser rifle can do AOE damage, plasma rifle can cause arcing energy, loads of ides are possible. Even the Static Rifle from Doom 2016 MP being a thing would be great. the DNF would also be good.

For alt fires, Single action revolvers could get a Fan the hammer where you switch to firing as fast as you can pull the tripper, while Pistols get Dual wielding and shotguns could get slug rounds(Remigton and Double barrel shotgun), semi auto fire or dual wield(1887) where appropriate, M16 and and so on.

Light upgrading where you improve functionalities or add new stats like damage over time effects thanks to hollow point rounds and elemental modules could work.

A weapon wheel you can fill up with weapons like in Borderlands and shadow Warrior would be good.

I suggested dashing and dodge rolls and the like since I saw the direction SMART FPS Action shooter were going. The conclusion: Player agency allowed withing reason and allowing for wonderful traversal mechanics. We could even have ledge climbing, bar swings, wall climbing, even freaking grappling kooks that use the EGO meter!

Dashing on WASD plus shift in First person could allow for short range evasion to avoid damage as well as reposition yourself in a fight quickly and even using the jetpack for shorts bursts in height or in air. Third Person dodge rolls could allow for more distance between the atacker and you, plus it is better for melee combat.

Secrets are a definitive must and with the return of the jetpack, it allows for more secrets to find and get goodies from. Prefereably a loot chest of some sort?

what do you think of this?

(Redxplatinum) #4

I like the idea of using the EGO meter for “spells” like temporary HP boost and Blood Symphony, but stuff like Double Damage and Berserker mode should be pick-up equipment like steroids and stuff. I agree that EGO should be increased by saving babes or doing something cool like the way they had it in DNF. Monster babes sounds fun, and I think the asskicking action babe was supposed to be Bombshell in DNF lol.

I don’t disagree with you about Bonds having an influence on Duke’s character, I just didn’t like the idea of a dating sim. I find him too insensible to care what each girl likes and whatnot. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his women, we saw him giving his outburst when the Holsom Twins exploded and apparently feeling sad in the Burning Bush chapter when Dylan mentions them. But I feel they talk more than Duke, and causing Duke to be less outspoken, and causing Duke to lose this alpha-male position. Honestly, Duke just stays quiet when those two are rambling and that I found out of character. If Duke is gonna settle in for one girl, this girl should be less talkative and less improvising than Duke. Maybe that student in the Penthouse, there was a picture of them traveling together so she’ll be the best candidate for now.

I just remembered how Half-Life bound their weapons to the number keys. They kept melee weapons at 1 and you press 1 again to scroll down to bring out your melee weapon. So in that sense you can carry them all at once without just using a weapon wheel. 1 for melee, 2 for sidearms, 3 for primary, 4 for rpg and dev, 5 for those dlc weapons you mentioned, and 6 for alien technology. Though this could be problematic for consoles.

With the number of melee weapons you’re throwing at me, it’s starting to sound like Left 4 Dead 2. As melee weapons are less predominant than guns in a fps game, they should be treated like that are in L4D2, items you pick up and drop. But I don’t like the idea of so many melee weapons in Duke Nukem since guns are more fun. Projectile type medieval weapons like Crossbows and throwing knives though I can accept. I think we should just keep the one melee button for each gun like DNF. I guess it’s possible to fit all the melee weapons in the 1 tab but it also seems like a hassle.

Ledge climbing and those feels like Bulletstorm and feels pretty pointless if there’s a Jetpack available. For the third person and first person view, I think they should be separate games. I don’t think mashing mechanics from both sides in one game would be easy to implement.

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #5

Bulletstorm actually had sliding and Anti Grvity boots, Ledge climbing is from doom 2016 and Shadow Warrior 2. Duke’s version of the Leash should be golden by default and the Slam costs more then pulling people.

In regards to the weapon wheel, think of it like Shadow Warrior 2, you have starter weapons with a “backpack” aka Scifi Bag of Holding to carry more weapons but equip them when needed.

Double damage is a DNF MP map pick up from the Duke statue which is why I think it can work as a EGO spell unlock, and Blood Symphony is a “when meter is full, activate this mode” and Bullet time Spell could work for going full Max Payne. Steroids boost your speed and melee attack in DN3D, in DNF it acts like a Berserker pack.

Duke should talk, but also have one liners, talk smartly, talk smack when it is appropriate. so a light dialogue system could work when not in cutscenes.

Rescuing babes should definitely be a function that levels up your EGO function. The dating sim thing could be a way to unlock some EGO spells or not.

There could be lite RPG mechanics with a level up bar that refills your health and does a AOE nova blast and stat improvements. Even BL1 weapon proficiency that can give bonuses to weapon types while also motivating you to try things out. I think that improvement to be great is what Duke is about and that can include caring for your babes, but not in the microdick white knight way.

(Redxplatinum) #6

At this point, I just want something to come out from the Duke IP, whether it’s another DLC for another game, playable character in Borderlands, or his very own game. What is suffice for a Duke Nukem game? In my opinion, Duke’s character, his voice and his babes. It needs not to be an FPS game, it could be platformer, third person shooter, or maybe a top down shooter and I’ll accept it. One thing I don’t want is in a Duke game is for Duke to kill people. Duke doesn’t kill people. Even in the Hive level he kills because they can’t be saved so he puts them out of their misery. I hated how he was in Glorious Bastards, a bit of a dick, and he killed people. His character in Land of the Babes, I thought, was the best. It’s a good blend of womanizer and gentleman.