For the people who played the CTT

I just was wondering if the special people who played the CTT will get any cool titles or skins for test 1 of the best games this year… so far


I dunno, but we should. :grin:

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Technically, you are breaking the NDA by stating you were in the CTT. Gearbox could sue yall XD

If that were the case we wouldn’t have these shinny badges to show off. Besides, it’s not a good idea to sue the poor because they don’t have any money. :dukejk:

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Oh I know just poking fun, I played in the CTT as well. Just stating that Gearbox never really lifted the NDA from what I have read lol.

They haven’t, but we can’t discuss what we saw in the game, not that we were a part of it. This isn’t Fight Club.

What shiny badges :O?

The one Chaos Knight has next to their name.

…Sorry, I only see “Patar Destroyer Of Things”.

You don’t see “TESTING- TESTING- 1, 2, 3… IS THIS THING ON?”?

Oooooh that…was looking for an actual badge, not words :stuck_out_tongue:
Do badges automatically get equipped to your account, or do you have to set it like you do Titles in BB?

You have to set them. Check the ones on your account and they should say if you can use them as a badge/title or not.

Ahhh, thank ya. Though I don’t know if I did it right. Not seeing anything by my name =/

It should be under your name->badges next to activity.


No, yeah, I found it and everything, just equipping it is my issue. When I click it, it tells me “Yeah, you have this…wanna see others with this?”.

@JoeKGBX: any input as to why Vorp can’t equip his badge?

I also played the CTT and I was thinking about stuff similar to that like cool skins and other things in game.

Are your preferences set to ‘show badges’…

Edit…nope that’s just for your user card.

Go to your preferences.

Go to the “title” option.
Should be a drop down menu with that badge as an option to use.
Select it.

You win!

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Thanks all ^-^!