For the Vault Cards, there is technically no need to fulfill the daily and weekly challenges, correct?

I have been doing the Vault Card challenges for a few days now. From what I have gathered in my play experience and the forum announcements is that in order to get the Vault Card items, one simply needs to “level up” the Vault Card itself. Completing the daily and weekly challenges does not give any rewards except an XP boost.

Suffice to say, if one really wanted to grind out these Vault Cards, one would complete the daily and weekly challenges ASAP and then go on playing as normal. However, one can still reap the rewards without completing any challenges, however it would take longer without those XP boosts.

Am I correct in how these Vault Cards work? And if so, shouldn’t there be more of an incentive to complete the challenges outside of XP boosts?

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Yeah, I think you’re right.

I first thought that if you complete all of them (Challenges) you would instantly level it up, but no.
Its just booster nothing else.


You are correct. Those are mere starters/boosters. You level up the VC by gaining xp, no matter where, by killing stuff.
That’s why a lot of people xp farm Scraptrap or so.

I don’t think there needs to be, I’ve played a fair few games that use this mechanic and it’s fine I think.
But yes what you said is 100% correct.

I do wish weekly is a guarantee key drop when completed but with a low chance it drops Diamond Key instead.

The challenges in general needs to be look at since the amount earn doesn’t compare to Ruiner/Scraptrap farm

One daily challenge = one Graveward kill


Weekly should %100 be a guaranteed diamond key

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And I hunted flippin’ 15 hags for that? Ugh…

Thanks for the info.

If nothing else, the challenges make me pause and think where the best place is to fulfill them.

Today I had a challenge to kill 5 Maliwan mechs. My first thought was MTD, but instead I went to Skywell to fight the one near Katagawa Ball.

The tough thing about the Vault Card XP is that it appears to be exponential. In other words it takes a large increase in the number of kills per level. I’m getting close to level 40, and it’s slowing down quickly. I’ve had quite a few chests wasted on eridium, so the number of keys I’ve gotten is pretty low. In fact about a third of the VC rewards were given instead. I guess the bright side of this is that when the rewards are all redeemed I’ll be more likely to get keys.

Thats what i like about the vault card challenges. Dont use the internet to search and try and think of the best place to complete them

Is farming Scraptrap more efficient than farming the Slaughter Shaft?

Sry, I have not tried and compared both.

My first thought was Geniviv. She spawns mechs with her too so I completed that in two boss kills.

I also thought of that, but I had been farming her for Reflux drops the day before. I needed a change of scenery.

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Update: I was paying attention to my Eridium count while doing these challenges. Apparently, you get 50 Eridium for each Daily Challenge you complete. I guess that’s a nice little incentive.

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Has anyone noticed that if you complete the three ‘daily’ missions on one VH it will still leave one of the three missions empty/unfinished on the other three VH’s? I always thought the Vault Card challenges were linked to all four VH’s. Might be a bug. Not sure. I’ll check tomorrow’s challenges to see if it happens again.

My dailies are always different across vault hunters. More dailies, more xp.

I think the intent is to have one vault card and challenges tied to it shared among all VH. It works correctly with me (ps4) but well…

Depends on the challenge. Some challenges will stay as completed, and some can be done many times with different characters. The slot has nothing to do with it, yesterday it was Goliaths in third, but before I had Nogs or Hags in second slot. Overall it doesn’t change the fact that challenges are not rewarding.

Yeah, no real point in doing them. They really should reward the player with keys, IMO regular VC keys for dailies and diamond keys for weeklies would be ideal.

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