For those asking about the toxicity of this game

I’ve had 1 A-Hole body block me for fun but they fixed that problem months ago
Most people I’ve come across are laid back and very willing to help out new players. I’ve noticed some players will even go out of their way to break down the play style of characters for new comers to help them better understand an enemy they’re having trouble with.

That’s just my experience lately, I’ve seen people asking about it in a few other posts so I figured I’d just address it globally.

Anybody have any other experiences, good or bad ?

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What does that have to do with toxicity in this game? Thanks for wasting my time.

@xxdeathknight72x could you go more into detail in your OP?
As it stands now the title seems a bit offtopic and it´s hard to guess what you want to point out to in the OP.


As any multiplayer game, it is a mixed bag and in most games the amount of “bad apples” is quite small.

I’ve run into many people who are plain rude to anyone and no fun in both discussions and in the game (someone even seems to hate me from the bottom of his heart just because I made a sarcastic joke on reddit in the umpteenths rant thread about the removal of command rank in queue and insults me whenever he sees me since then). Ragequitters, trolls and griefers (PvE and PvP), elitists who will mock you for not having played the game for 4-6 hours daily since release, people who treat the game like their life depends on it, … - basically, the whole shebang why some people don’t like playing PvP games (me included, usually).

What kept me interested in the game was some people I met through it (even some I didn’t play a single game with, because they are not on PC). I’ve found friends who are awesome to have around and talking to them or playing with them makes anything a fun experience (even though the overlap with my gaming time and their time is very minimal and it’s quite rare for me to not play single player …). Some old friends may have left the game, but I have some who stuck around and also found some new ones. In proportion, the amount of good guys and gals I met in this game is much bigger than the other faction, but it’s basically just the human psyche that weighs bad experience more than good experience (e.g., you can play three good and fun games and then get into one bad game and feel like the whole evening had been a disaster). That’s why the myth of bad communities came up.

My enjoyment in this game comes from playing with nice people and I try to be nice too. I want others to have a fun time with the game and that’s why I’m sometimes tutoring people through the basics of this game, help out with lore challenges or initiate silly teamcomps is Bots Battle. I stay away from the modes that could become problematic for me (i.e., when I can’t guarantee that I won’t snap and become an unfun person) unless I have some moral support (i.e., one or two friends) with me.

My experience on Xbox has been great. I remember 1 person in particular that showed up in my party just to talk ■■■■, but over the course of a year that is the only one I can remember. Every player I talk to is usually very nice.