For those of you playing Battlefield 1

(Not sure who is even still around these parts, but…)

I made a Baker’s Dozen emblem for Battlefield 1. Thought you guys might enjoy it.


And a link:

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Looks good, good work

I got BF1, i am a singleplayer gamer, and tried the campaign… well…

The prologue was fantastic, but the rest of the game turned to complete sh*t,
Really badly made story&campaign, authenticity and realism out of the window and lots of bugs

Honestly i hoped they would have taken the singleplayer more seriously this time, but no, the failed again.

Thank god for refunds

Well you really got to know that Frostbite never paid much attention to SP. They spent majority of their time making the MP fun and that it.

If you watch WatchMojo video, Call of Duty vs. Battlefield, they say that all of the Battlefield SP sucks pretty bad.

The emblem looks awesome, probably gotta makes that exact same one for Call of Duty or Overwatch.