For those of you tired of powercreep, imbalance, and excess farming, consider trying this

you forget about the con of telemetry. If they see us still playing they won’t do anything in regards to whats wrong…we are being logged ya know


I agree OP. THe current state of the game is just not good at all.

Odds are it’ll take months before Mayhem 2.0 reaches a state vaguely similar to the old M4’s balance. It is better than nothing. Maybe it’ll even make them curious about why we’re doing it if we’re being optimistic.

I appreciate the optimism of the post however i see no value in creating another char since i can’t make any creative builds that can ignore all modifiers…I have something close to it with moze and a few or refarming items when another level cap is coming. I also do not want ther OP to put in my request which was snark in the cons section. That would be just like telling someone they can’t use a gun with a certain element they farmed on mayhem 6.

This is what I’ve been doing too. Lootsplosion includes relics, and I’m always in a passive relic farming mode for better relics that have the bonuses I want. Enemies still die fast in MM1 with the 200% health buff, but not quite delete-fast as it is in non-mayhem and honestly it feels just about right to me; I’ve always wanted a little bump in enemy HP without it getting too ridiculous.

I’ve bumped up the mayhem level to farm for Sand Hawks and Kaosons and such, just to see for myself what those weapons do, but not having access to lower-power levels of those guns isn’t a dealbreaker for me.

I’ve found an OK spot at M5… I guess.

Feels somewhat like the old M4 as far as enemy durability. I can still use all of old weapons and gear, and IB still wrecks with the double nukes. My issue is my Moze can easily handle M6 too, but IB can not, so I am stuck at M5.

I dont mind because M5 is still very challening and gunfights last a while, but there is no doubt that even with selecing the least intrusive modifiers, they still annoy me especially with the visual clutter and slowing the game down.

It is what it is. I think M5 is it for me because I dont see a way they cna fix the scaling issue in M10 without breaking the balance of the lower levels.

I cant be the only one whos game falls into sub-10 Frames per second territory when I use lootsplosion and it procs a few times? I can replicate this issue 100% of the time on levels like Proving grounds for example. I am on Ps4. I simply can not use that modifer at all.

It depends on the level of my character and their gear. I’m playing my Atlas Zane as I type this, and as long as he doesn’t equip his O.P.Q. System, MM1 and MM2 are fine. If I want to play with one of the interesting modifiers, I’ll go higher and let him use that rifle.

Also, Big Kick Energy, whose negatives are completely nullified by Atlas’ tracking system, is basically a free buff, which lets him go up a level or two with his current weapon set. He’s also built around speed, and I haven’t tried Speed Demon yet. That might let me bring this weak weapon set up higher (he can already move dangerously fast - I might not be able to handle this enhanced with Speed Demon).

I find I enjoy the modifiers one at a time, so I can focus on them more. If I want a Medium, I play MM2; Hard, MM4; or Very Hard, MM8 (and pair an Easy that complements it). It’s also faster to roll a working combination with just two options.

edit - I tried a Speed Demon roll, equipped an Infiltrator COM, other gear with movement speed buffs, and had a go at speed running Sandblast Scar. There are some Rakk at the beginning to get the ball rolling, and you can find enemies along the way to keep Speed Demon up, but there are long enough spells without enemies that you can’t sustain a really enhanced run the whole way.


Or they can try playing something else its not like bl3 is the only game out there. I’ve taken to tackling my backlog until they get this game straight.

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I’m personally just messing around seeing what levels the guns and mechanics I like most can survive and play at within a decent reason. Some of the things surprise me.

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This would be something that would keep me in the game long-term. It would be so amazing for something like gear testing. I could finally experiment with anything I wanted, using whatever anointments I wanted and seeing how it all goes together. A way to try gear before I go out and grind for it. Or for certain pieces of gear that have many layers of RNG (class mods and relics due to passive bonuses) I could just create the perfect versions I want, then go about farming for the rest of my gear like usual. I understand that for many players this is the antithesis of Borderlands, and back in the BL2 days I felt the same way. But honestly, this would just make my experience much more enjoyable. Even if I got a big arrow over my head that said “EASY MODE SCRUB CHEATER” I’d accept it, I don’t have anything to prove to anyone and fun is all I care about.

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Like I said these things could be exactly like a creative mode in Minecraft. It would be an entirely separate character that wouldn’t be allowed to trade items or maybe even play online at all or unlock achievements and the like. With the vast possibilities of BL3 gear I think it would be a lot of fun to just goof around with. Sadly, we’re just stuck in the “Grind for it and pray” mindset with no alternatives. I’m all about alternatives and honestly even when given these types of things I still poor tons more time in the legit ways too. Dunno just a thought I had after reading the OP

Great post !
As a solo player, I 100% agree with this. I do play on MH levels upto 7 or 8 mainly to get the 6+ exclusive gear however, I spend most of my time at MH 1 just so that the game will scale to my character level. To be honest, I usually don’t play any of my characters much beyond max level. Once they hit 57, they get parked until a new level cap and/or some new content comes along.
My most enjoyable time playing is spent creating a new character and trying different things. Recently, I’ve been playing what I call “Action Skill/Skill Tree allegiance” Basically you have to choose one Action Skill and/or Skill Tree and you can only use that until either capstone, main story complete or all skills have been maxed out (your choice), makes playing Zane really interesting in particular but Phasecast Amara or Demolition Woman Moze are great fun.
(For the record, Demolition Moze is one of my most powerful characters now AND she only uses the Bear Trooper COM which I’d been selling off until I tried that build challenge. My next one is going to be Bear Fist Moze, I’m interested to see how that goes)

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Good post, I’ve been doing this with a Moze I made a month ago and its honestly so much more fun. I still wish they’d buff IB fists but man, my old m3 devastator build is working again and with all the new Moze changes I’m having a better time.

almost as if the game is more fun when theres gear diversity and less visual clutter :thinking:

@Adabiviak you were the first person I thought of reading this. For that matter, I’ve thought of you a lot since 2.0 launched. You’re pretty much the OG of the “find your own sweet spot for fun” approach. I’m glad the community has you.

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Thanks man! What have you been up to in the Borderlands?

To me the fun isn’t necessarily in the gun, the fun is in killing stuff super efficiently. The gun itself being fun is kind of secondary to that.

Honestly the only guns I enjoyed purely for how it works was the Hellshock (because using the ricochet effect was interesting) which was buffed and is viable now, and Barrage because it reminds me of the BR from Halo 2. If Hellshock was never buffed I would just use something else. And Barrage can still be sorta good I just would need to change to a Phasezerker build to use it really. It was fun but not THAT fun.

I’ll just wait for Gearbox to buff stuff like they’ve been doing. It’s pretty obvious this is going to happen given how much they buffed over the past few months, and how weak some stuff has become in m10 when other stuff is still strangely just as viable as before.

Maxed out each class, ran the takedown and proving grounds about every day until 2.0, currently splitting time between Zane and Fl4k after having CK-mained Zane and Amara until right before DLC1 (the Maya loyalty was strooooooong).

Farming up new gear to prepare for the second takedown when it comes. I’ve been doing more boss farming this week than I have in a couple months.

You find new king of the hill spots to give you that sawtooth feel?

so basically have a character that operates with mayhem turned off, using mh0 items?

i did this in bl2 with one of my zero`s. sold all op gear, purchased a loadout from the vendors at op0 and reset my game, using what i found along the way. it certainly gave the option for a more relaxed playsession and was great fun playing with items that wouldnt usually have been considered.

Lectra City gives me Sawtooth Cauldron vibes (open, non-story map populated by Bandits), and there are a couple of spots where I’ve made stands like this. It’s different though, as an Anointed can instantly win with either their slow grenade of death or that fire AoE. The Anvil also has some great potential for this, especially out in the yard on top of those shipping container piles: they can provide shelter from the fire AoE and the slow pink grenade (is there an actual name for this yet?) without giving up the hill and providing so much cover that it takes away from the spirit of this challenge.

In the Cistern of Slaughter, when the Rakk aren’t out, I’ll try King of the Hill on that little pile of cars in the center, but I have definitely never done it successfully for a full wave. :laughing:

I may try an Assassin’s Challenge too… FL4K can go invisible for a long time, but his pets kind of ruin it. With the Unseen Threat, I have tried stealth-clearing the map as FL4K, but I haven’t found the sweet spot between one-shotting everything while still being able to handle Anointed.

There is potential for some unique challenges based on specific Mayhem rolls, but I’m still checking them out. For example, roll Boundary Issues (MM4 paired with Lootsplosion); if an enemy gets close enough to zap you with it, you’re it. The enemy that tagged you can’t be tagged back, but you have to melee (by hand, no Fish Slap or Face Puncher) another enemy to tag them. Once you smack them and get back out of range of the beam, they’re it (where any enemy in the mob can now try to tag you again).

Also, roll Drone Ranger, go stir up a mob, and drop all healing drones except one without killing anyone. Then eliminate the mob one enemy at a time as chosen by the drone (when its target dies, the next enemy it decides to heal is next on the hit list) without destroying the drone.