For those running self-terror builds, is 1 anointment enough?

I’m slowly amassing a collection of gear with the 2 self-terror anoints (melee has 25% chance, and ASE applies 5s/18s). I’m wondering if having just 1 of these on a shield or grenade is enough to keep you more or less permanently spooked, or if you actively use both anoints.

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The one after action skill is more useful I feel like than the melee chance. Better off running ASC with ammo regen or health or whatever floats your boat. You can’t have more than 3 stacks of terror at one time so running both seems a bit of a waste so long as your using your action skill often.

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this is enough combined with a face puncher, 7x or 14x with 25% chance each will probably give you 3 stacks in 1 shot.


edit; Let’s just ignore that one guy

I was thinking along the same lines. ASE seems more reliable, but the melee one could be more ‘fire and forget’. Course, melee terror is also a lot more limited; either need that one shotgun, or a melee amara build.

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I was not being mean I was actually curious what would prevent you from just trying it because that would be the best way to see which method is going to work for your own way of playing.

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i run a terror build with a shield that gives terror and a grenade that gives damage and with my normal guns you can tell the difference

with my terror crit fearmonger and lyuda you can see how insane it is

Good to know. I’d hate to give up my precious Vindicator Ghast (can’t be anointed), so having it work on just a shield would be great.

i got a cloning but my fire fearmonger with crit on terror is viscous.

I run flak mainly so i fade, let the terror stack then fade again and do boss fights. it gets the job done quickly

That’s a good idea I hadn’t thought of that before

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I like using the ammo regen terror coupled with an anointment in my Unforgiven which gives the next 2 mags 50% bonus shock damage. You just never reload so the effect sticks. That’s probably not even the best use case (Unforgiven doesn’t really need the help, especially with Amara Infusion/Forceful Expression shenanigans).

But more to the point, like others have said, the numbers seem to be capped, so I don’t know - maybe you could get to the max stacks more quickly, which could be helpful with the right gear. But I don’t think the same effects stack. Could be wrong.

My preferred method of applying Terror is a shield with the “apply Terror on action skill end” anointment. On Rakk Fl4k, the Terror is basically constant. I think this would apply to all characters except Moze, although I have not played Moze so I am not certain.

Then you pair that with a grenade with either the health regen or ammo regen anointment. I presently have a pretty good purple shield and a purple grenade with these anointments, and am looking for legendary items with those same anointments. I was farming Graveward for them but finding legendary items with these specific Terror anointments is now going to be more difficult because the drop rates of the Terror gear from non-terror enemies has been reduced. Bummer.

Moze can indeed use Iron Bear often enough to keep Terror buff up all the time.

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I guess I had it in my head that Iron Bear cooldown was pretty long. But again, not a Moze player, did not double check myself. In that case, my point stands - I feel like a shield that applies terror on ASE is the best overall method to apply terror, because it is not dependent on having a particular weapon/item equipped.

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It is very long but it has a really cool feature that if you get out early, it refunds a portion of it’s cooldown. If you just enter/exit, it comes back very quick. And yeah I alternate between a shield/nade that applies terror and have a passive effect on the opposite like ammo/health regen. This way you are free to take advantage of either Terror damage bonuses on weapons or even combine with normal weapon anoints.

My own take on the matter. You gonna need at least ONE item with the "applies terror every 5 seconds for 18 seconds) as it provides a reliable and timable way to apply terror when you need it. (doesnt really work on Moze) This is just the builder tho, you gonna need a consumer to profit from terror annoitments.

I look for a grenade or shield mod with the teeor application, then one of the weapons I use all the time gonna have whatever works.

My Amara has the “terror regeneration” while my Moze runs with the “extra projectile chance” instead. Both work out very well and dont require me to get hit by green skulls.

You definitely need a combination of items that not only self-generates Terror but also take advantage of Terror. Relying on the ghosts to do that theoretically could work decently for now, at least in mobbing, but after Dec 5, good luck. I am not sure if GBX will have another type of item other than Terror after that but I wouldn’t bank on it. Terror is extremely powerful in this game and, if you want to have access to the most powerful builds in the game (regardless of character), you need to be able to generate and take advantage of Terror. I think this will come into play heavily during the Maliwan DLC.


I tried that at first. Relying on floaty skulls to keep my terror going. But its highly distractive, depends on chance and requires active attention to spot, track and kill skulls at a range that prevents them from damaging you (or let them hit you but 10 skulls at once can be a real problem)

Terror effectivity is beyond argument already. The bonuses are insane when they often outperform class skills and are available to anybody on top of the original build. I just wonder how much time and effort I should put into this when terror pretty much is a temporary mechanic. People are talking about ways to keep terror after the even but I dont think gearbox confirmed this or shared any detail sin how to achieve this.

Right now it generates more pressure on the player by suggesting its a time-limited feature and worse case scenario players will be unable to aquire new terror gear after the event but terror remains in the game. It forces people to play more then they really want, increases frustration and mental pressure when you dont find what you “need”.

Personally I try to distance myself from it to avoid that kind of thinking of motivation. Its too easy to become angry in the process.

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I would say one is enough, depends on what character you play I think.

I run a Terror build on my Amara atm, the things I run are:

  • A grenade with the ‘On actionskill end apply terror on yourself’ (a purple one, it’s the best I got atm, shock one to strip shields)
  • A shield (mostly Transformers or Reloaders) with either health regen when terror’d or ammo regen
  • Gun layout varies, but my main gun is a Night Hawkin’ with increased projectile chance, an ammo regen fire Butcher, a corrosive or fire x2 lump with increased projectile chance, 4th gun varies depending on my mood, but mostly is a fire Cutsman with increased projectile chance.

I farmed my *** off to get all those items, but boy was it worth it! This is my absolute favorite build atm. Working on a tediore chucking terror build for my Moze atm too. She’ll use the shotgun that does melee (forgot the name) with the ‘apply terror when you do melee dmg’ .

For me, the biggest concern is that I am spending a bunch of time farming terror gear, and I am sure it is inevitable that GBX is going to release a level cap, and then not only is your terror gear useless, but you have builds relying on it that no longer can be used. In other words, are we all wasting our time, in the meta sense of the game, farming this stuff? Possibly.

It was super frustrating in BL2 that there were so many level cap increases. While I thought the OP levels were absolutely fantastic for the game, constantly re-farming on-level (purportedly max-level, at least at the time) gear was annoying. I am afraid that the re-farming for gear aspect of things is going to become a big turn-off for those of us who were early adopters of BL3.

I can’t imagine they won’t be doing this event again next year tbh. With maybe some adjustements (hint on/off switch hint). It’s a great event imo.

We’ll just have to refarm it all, if we are getting a new lvl cap to begin with. I think they said they are not a big fan of upping the lvl cap. But its pretty much inevitable to do so for the long run.