For those still unsure what this whole "Formations broken" trouble is

There you go


If anything it’s now better to avoid using formations at all. I’m also not too sure the different behaviors work properly.

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I don’t think that the behaviors work as well. The seem to forget after a bit.

So funny and sad at the same time.
Also is kamikaze working, i tried it few times, failed.
Incomplete, game seems incomplete.

I never knew I could laugh and cry at the same time…

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They Seriously need to address the formation issue in HW1:RM. Its damn annoying as a vet HW player to not have the tools your use to using, and it shouldn’t be that hard to code them in correctly >.<.

Gearbox, you should go check out some of the AI developed for the military to run drone swarms in real life. Some of the maths is in the public domain. If you already know about that, then fair enough.

Well, they got Hw1 sources, all the required AI and code is there.

It is, but it was ported to the HW2 engine. I really am not surprised. Given the scope of what they did, there were bound to be issues not found during closed beta, especially if the testers didn’t play the original versions, or didn’t realize that there was a problem.

Having access to the source code isn’t always a cure-all answer.

I recall a developer who worked on both HW1 and HW:Cata mentioning that Homeworld 1 was possibly a great game despite it’s coding rather than because of it…
(apparently it looked like quite the spaghetti of codes to rummages through)

Extremely disappointed.

so bad right now!
the enemy ships do exactly the same, so there is a big mess around in space - but maybe thats how it is on a big battle?!


No source code, no Remastered version. A bigger question is if the HW1 code lends itself well to clean up. It doesn’t matter how messy the code is, if it works. You run into problems when someone other than the original coder(s) try and work with the code, case in point with the RM version(though it does make me wonder if they did any code clean-up once they started working on the RM versions). I also get the feeling that HW1 is relying on the HW2 AI, which isn’t working out so well when it comes to the HW1 formations or behaviors. Like I said before, none of this is really surprising given what GB did. Unfortunately it probably also means that it won’t be a quick fix, because some of the fixes may very well break the game entirely.

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The HW2 interceptors already fly in delta formation. I know that the code is different and I don’t understand all the programming mumbo jumbo, but there is already something in the code to allow separate units to fly in formation.

The best way I can explain it is like this: Take two people, one a native American English speaker, one who recently learned British English as a second language. Write a set of instructions on a piece of of paper, in American English. Odds are the second person may be able to understand the instructions, someone, but not be able to complete them in the same way the native american english speaker can. Simply because British English and American English may be similar, but they are different in some ways. That’s kind of what is going on with the RM version. HW1 can understand the HW2 instructions, but it can’t run them the same way that HW2 can. It can be fixed, but its a question of what needs to be done to fix the problem. If the HW1 code was a much of a mess as Ludovsky implied, it might take a little bit, especially since GB had to remake HW1 to work with the HW2 engine.

Actually there’s the thing. HW1’s code wasn’t seen as the kind that lent itself to clean up easily if I heard well.

A dev who worked on both HW1 and Homeworld Cataclysm(whose engine was based on that of HW1 iirc) once opined that Homeworld 1 was a case of a game that possibly likely great despite it’s code rather than because of it.

Was that music remastered from the original source recordings? It sounded amazing!

Also… (being serious now) was that super scouts you were doing in the original? Is the original HW1 included in the bundle free of all the patches? I haven’t really tested it yet.


I couldn’t stop laughing at the video.

lmao the music for the CF formation (Cluster**** formation)!!!