For those who hate Benedict - A Deande montage

It’s that time again. The time I decide to get off my lazy but and make a thread or post or something!

Now you may ask why I am hating on Benedict. Well let me tell you I’m not. As you will see I have no problems with Benedict. I play one of his best counters as I’m sure many of you who iv’e played much with will know as I never fail to point it out.

The main reason I focused down on this one character to kill is because for some strange reason killing him provides some of the most amazing clips. maybe it’s his ability to fly or something but it really can be quite beautiful. Apart from that I know some people really don’t like this character.

looking at you @EdenSophia

maybe you can find one of those good emotion thing things from watching Benedict die over and over.

@Garrus_Sniper the clip at exactly 1 min should give you a good idea of how damn squishy the bird is now. Also i think you’ll especially like the clips at the end. they go way back…

Now sit back, pull up a zebra and relax to all the deaths in glorious 720p. maybe one day ill be un-lazy enough to buy a capture card.

This is a clip @Deande sent me which I was unable to fit into the montage itself even though it fits perfectly. Sorry I got to this so late.


Many birds were harmed in the making of this film. Viewer discretion is advised.


Oh man are you going to get it :smile:


GDI NEMO! You know how beautiful that Benny kill was ;_;
My soul…
Yes Nemo.

That last clip was fun to watch!

Us birds are people too you know…

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You play Benedict too? Interesting. I must have missed that.

Also I should probably reiterate that I’m not trying to hate on other characters with this. I just had an excess of cool Benedict clips.

Benedict is one of my three mains. Bird hater.

Toby throws up his flippers and cheers through a beak-ful of popcorn everytime Benedict dies in the video.


Nice! Do Montana next PLZ!! Montana deaths make me happy :slight_smile:

KFC disagrees :slight_smile: mmm chicken

Nice stuff Nemo!

Some sick clips in there, love the mobility leap from one side of Monuments to the other and the last clip was pure ownage (why the AOE though? Misclick?)

Deande looks fun in America.

I can’t hit stationary targets with burst dash in lag so when I saw the clip at 1:24 I almost choked on my coffee lol.


I can’t imagine how funny this would be if the video was silent except for the “squawk” of each Benny dying.


Benedict isn’t a chicken though…

Just on principal he’s close enough. If it makes you feel better Miko should be sliced up and put on a pizza. A dead Montana is the best Montana


Ernest is more closer to a chicken than Benedict tbh.

Maybe but he isn’t as generally hated as Benny. He can be a different type of bird if you prefer, all kinds are eaten somewhere
A turkey perhaps? A holiday with the eating of Bennedict!

Bird hater…

Not true! They are yummy!

You leave us birds alone :frowning: