For trade rad sand hawk -phasecast 300% damage

Have one I won’t use. Who wants to trade for it?

Is it phasecast or phaseslam? If is there phasecast of 250 I’m interested.

I have both…they dropped back to back

One is +300 damage and one is 250 damage.

I’ll trade for the phasecast 250z. What would you like?

I guess I am pretty opened to whatever. I don’t have any 300/90 or 200ase Kaosons/monarchs. Have not played the DLC do I don’t have much from that. Looking for frozen heart with action skill start anointment. I don’t have much that has consecutive hits. Don’t have many redistributors either.

Fire kaosons seem to be the hardest thing for me to find.

I have an anarchy shot guns that stacks which is pretty good from DLC. I have some random guns with consecutive hits. I can send you a couple of items.

Works for me. Novicelamp70559 Xbox Gt

Or if you have a x2 yellowcake with ase 100 asa200 or 300/90. I have lots of cakes but none of those. Send me your tag.


I sent two guns your way.

Ok. I will send that sandhawk over.