For Us "Old Folk" - some features - difficulty & brightness

I am using the PS4 Open Beta.

Love it! My kind of game! Using Private Story Mode right now.

Initial feedback:

I’m an old guy and some of these games are too difficult. Needs an “Easy” mode.

I have an old Home Theater Projector (I watch video/play games with the room lights on), and the environments seem too dark - needs a “brightness level” control like in other games on PS4 and XBox One. Want to be able to see all the beautiful environments - especially the ones that are darker.


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Don’t knock us old guys (I’m 61). With a bit of practice, we can hold our own against the “youngsters” :grinning:

Seriously, “Easy” modes seem to have disappeared from games over the last few years. There is definitely a place for them. However, I think GBX might already have more than enough on their plate balancing solo and campaign play along with the PvP modes. Nice idea, though :slight_smile:

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I think for the purpose of making players feel better about themselves, “easy” has been replaced by “normal.” Sort of like how a lot of fast food places do not offer a “small” drink but rather offer a “medium” which used to be small.

More to the topic at hand, Battleborn story missions can be difficult, especially when solo and when new. However, I guarantee that if you play a few matches and find a hero you like and play with some semi-competent players, it will soon become almost too easy. I have played both story missions probably 7 or 8 times each and now they are almost boring because I know I am going to win. I am looking forward to advanced and the additional missions for some spice.

Dude, we’re not old, just “youth compromised”.

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I am going to start using this euphemism :grin:

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No, you guys are old. :dukecheese: Not that I can say much, I’m only about 19 years behind Greybeard.

I’m a kid that was borrn in 61 :slight_smile:

I never thought I would feel like a youngster at 35. But here we are.