Forbes- Borderlands 3 has learned nothing from other games about how to improve it's loot grind


I must say that I agree with his points here. Gearbox badly needs to improve the loot grind, and the article touched on multiple issues with the current loot system that can be improved:

  • The world drop loot pool is way too large. This makes it extremely difficult to find the exact weapon that you want, with the right prefix and annointed perk, if it’s a world drop only. Most of the current world drop pool needs to be given in-game locations or certain enemies that have a higher chance to drop them.

  • They need to make legendaries show up in vending machines again so that we can have something to spend our money on after all SDU’s are purchased. Better slot machines would really help with money spending at endgame as well, there should be an option to auto-sell loot from slot machines so that you don’t have to wait several seconds for it to fall on the floor, and slot machines should have both higher cost and better legendary odds on mayhem mode. The Eridium cannon meanwhile needs to be changed so that it has a semi-decent chance of dropping legendaries.


I agree with this article as well. The way the grind is setup makes it discouraging more than encouraging. There needs to be some way to reroll or customize the parts of your weapon. Maybe a Grinder-like machine where you can infuse a gun with the parts from another. Every other looter I have played allows you to change item stats in some way, because they recognize that getting the gun you want with the specific perks you want is unrealistic for most players, so there needs to be a way to combat this.

Right now, their loot system feels down right archaic. It also doesn’t help that their current end game activities (Proving Grounds) is not rewarding, so the only good way to farm is just save/quitting and repeatedly killing the same boss like it is 2009 again. Complete lack of evolution.


Just to avoid the incoming instant hate im going to start by saying i also think the grind aspect needs to change, but…

All i see is ppl saying its imposible to find the necesary gear for your build because its almost all a world drop (wich i absolutely love, i love rng and going to certain places to find specific pieces of gear for me its frustrating and anticlimatic) but 99% of players already have fully geared characters, i didnt have to spend a week before i had both fl4k and moze fully geared with the most overpowered build possible, 2 builds in moze’s case btw, so what is that about the world drops? the numbers of legendaries in bl3 right now is way too low so its not hard to find anything at this point, maybe in the future with at least x10 times legendaries i might start complaining, but for now its way too easy.


I’m sorry but this is insanely untrue. A few people on the forums and some YouTubers make up a fraction of the player base. Show me how many people have all the guns they are looking for in the proper element with the proper annointment for their character.


Agreed. I’ve done quite a bit of farming, and while I have some good Moze gear, like a recurring hex and a flakker, the flakker doesn’t have the best prefix or anointed perk (or any anointed perk for that matter) and the recurring hex doesn’t have the element I want. My best legendary COM is only her 2nd best COM, and it doesn’t have the stats that I want either. I’ve only found 4 legendary COM’s total so far due to them being world drops. My artifacts are far from ideal also.


So you want to finish the game in less than 5 days ? i may not have the right elements of every weapon but i have the weapon and most in the right element, finding the few things left to make it absolutely perfect is what keeps me going. You are asking for the game to be easier, there is no profit in makign things easier, it will just end faster. I can understand if you are annoyed by the randomness of world drops, i get it, i like it but i can understand if you dont, but dont ask for things to be easier by making up excuses, you just want easy things.


After around 100 hours of farming I JUST found my first Rowans Call and my FIRST Recurring Hex.

Also, yes it is easy to gear up your class, but a lot of players like being able to build around specific legendaries or types of legendaries. Shotgun builds, pistol builds, sniper builds, BL2 had builds around all different weapon types. I really loved playing Krieg and focusing on a Torgue Shotgun build with him.

The current system is great for just gearing with stuff that will make you OP, but it falls horribly short for those that want specific gear to build around.

I have sold hundreds of legendary items before I actually found something worth keeping.


5 days? The game has been out nearly a month now, and in that time I’ve not even managed to get a close to ideal gear set on 1 out of my 4 characters, my gear for the other 3 is even worse, I’ve yet to find a Legendary COM for any of them because they are all world drops. We’ve got the first raid coming in November, and the first story DLC in December. There will be plenty to keep people playing the game without forcing people to grind a ton.

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Then i guess im the luckiest man alive, i play hardcore so if i die i delete the character, and i just got too the endgame a few times, no i have a fully geared moze and fl4k (actually fl4k died yesterday, sad noises) and it took me less than a few days to make the grenade build, and now im doing a vladof assault rifles build, got the ones i needed in 1 night, are they the best ones? of course not, but i already have it all, all i need to do mayhem 3, but i can improve those items when better ones drop, and thats the exact reason why i play borderlands, to improve little things with random drops, its the whole reason of the game, it has been for years.


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I wont argue with that at all, i actually endorse it, game mechanics are screwed big time right now, so you have me in the first line rioting for that.


I stopped reading his article after " are happening at the same time that Gearbox is nerfing some of the best boss-killing builds in the game."


…but that has happened?


Im not gonna start this again here, I have voiced my opinion on the matter in other threads and got attacked for it. So no, not this time sorry.

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Might want to give it a read after that. He never talks about classes again as far as changes or nerfs, but he does make some very good points about gear and the frustrations the current system can cause.

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I dont need to, I know the loot system is not optimal and I also voiced my opion on the matter with many people agreeing. We need dedicated loot on top of world drop for bosses and future raid bosses as well as CoS and Proving grounds. Simple as that.


Well then if you think all of this you probably would have liked the article :wink:


Probably, i just dont like the tone of the writer, his speech doesnt get to me. I have enough of nerf drama on here, i dont need to read about it elsewhere.


You are right on with this point.