Forbidden from finding the Treasure?

Hello, fellow Vault Hunters.

I found a strange bug. I don’t know if it is a bug or if I’m just a slag-lick.

I just finished Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty DLC and accepted the mission “Treasure of the Sands” that becomes available after you beat the Leviathan the first time.

Well, I accepted the mission and went back to Magnys Lighthouse to put the Compass in but for some reason it wouldn’t let me.

I went to Magnys Lighthouse and I did everything I was supposed to do but it still wouldn’t let me put the compass in the light.

I reset my game twice but nothing. I did the mission with another character but nothing. I even switched to another PSN Online ID and it still happened!

Has this happened to anyone? If so can you tell me if or how you resolved it?

Thank you!

You don’t have to put the compass in again. Just go to where the light is on the sand by Scarletts ship, and you will be swallowed again.

That’s the thing. The light isn’t shining. I went to Wurmwater where the light is supposed to shine and nothing happened either.

If you fast traveled directly to the lighthouse, that’s the problem. You have to go back and raise the gate the initially blocked the way into the lighthouse map, then everything will proceed as it should.

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Wow. I am an idiot. It worked now. I finished the mission. Thanks.

Not a problem. I only know because the same thing happened to me, and it’s not exactly intuitive to repeat the mission, so to speak, from there since you can fast travel to the lighthouse directly.