Force attack movement

Thought of this reading another thread about collecting and finally remembered to post.

Force attack movement doesn’t work the same way it did in HW1. I doubt this could be considered a bug, and would be low on the list of things I would like to see fixed first. But anyway, description.

In HW1, if you force attacked anything (enemy, friendly, yourself) as a capital ship or above and issued a move order, you would vector to that location (instead of turning to face and moving forward). This was all kinds of useful in a number of situations not least of which was repositioning a production ship.

Right now on that wreck map that starts with a K, the Tiiadan MS starts in a position where some of the starting RU is unharvestable. There is also an invisible barrier that prevents you from moving through the rocks, so you have to wait on your MS to do a 3 point turn to clear and reposition yourself and get all of your collectors going. Then to add insult to injury, if you move your MS before your collectors are clear of whatever that wall is on the right front of the MS, they’ll get stuck there unable to navigate around it because collectors are morons.

If we had force attack vectoring, I could just force attack a collector or a rock and scoot over.

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