Force feedback doesnt work? Edit:problem resolved read skill wrong

Hi idk if anyone else has noticed this but I’ve had a build for awhile that used it and I randomly decided to see of it actually worked and it doesnt… I’m using a deathless and I’m not using blood letter but anyway I’m scoring crits on enemies in slaughter shaft and my shields arent insta regening and I’m wondering if that’s always been a bug or just recently or if just no ody has even invested in that skill to try it. Anyways yea its bugged

Edit:problem resolved read skill wrong

The skill is critical kills start recharging your shield. Just hitting a crit is unfortunately not enough. The skill works, it is just not very good.

Oh huh must have read it wrong my bad lol it should be critical hits then lol that skill is super useless why would they make a guardian rank skill that literally overrides this…

Pretty much what everyone has been saying since day one. Lol. It’s useless once you get enough guardian ranks. Though even before then it isn’t great because one hit stops the regen. It’s not like Axton’s version in Borderlands 2 that recharged regardless of damage taken.

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