Force feedback has to be changed

That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact^^
The skill is officially useless in endgame because the guardian tree has the same thing but better.

Come up with your suggestions!

You could for example just make it start recharging on a critical HIT
that would probably give high shield builds some survivability
Or make it even better and let critical hits instantly restore a portion of her shield?
The skill is tier 5. It should DO something xD

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Force Feedback is the missing piece in the SoR puzzle. Imo, it should be start your shield recharge on critical hit with + % rate or % shield/sec on kill.


Yea, it should give some decent sustain.
If others can have lifesteal, why shouldn’t she have shield steal?


The skill is rendered useless by virtue of having Full can of whopass. Whenever I’m in a really bad way I use IB as a defensive tool. FCWA makes your shield regardless of how big you make or fill up in a few seconds. If your running Bloodletter, Deathless like most SoR builds do then it’s an emergency full heal and then you can rin Auto Bear to have an aggro draw while you continue your rampage. It’s even better if you hop in and our of IB for the CD refund. When played correctly you can be a team Support, tank and damage dealer rolled all in to one.

Forced Feedback isn’t even that great leveling due to it not boosting recharge rate when triggered. It would be better if Forced Feedback instead made Moze Regen say 20% of her shields instantly on a kill. Give SoR some kind of Vamper effect so most of use don’t end up forced to use Demolition woman simply to grab Vamper.

Honestly just about anything would be better then the current Forced Feedback.


Also I hate kill skills because I don’t like to be forced to kill adds in a boss fight :confused:
I need them for ffyl xD

I feel like it was always intended to be on critical hit. But someone kooked it and it got implemented wrong. It’s an entirely obsolete skill.

Either make it a kill skill or let it trigger on critical hit, no matter how it triggers the skill should grant percentage based shield regeneration. 3% of the total shield capacity per second if it’s a kill skill, 1,5% if it triggers on critical hit. The duration should be around 4-5 seconds to force aggressive play, which after all is the theme of the skill tree.

The numbers for shield regeneration might seem low, but for an all-out Thin Red Line build that will more or less equate to roughly 4,5-9% of the base shield capacity as regeneration per second, which more than offsets basic DoTs and keeps you save to push through regular attacks until the Stacks of Phalanx Doctrine start to be accumulate.

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this would still be redundant. it needs to be on crit to be useful.

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It has to work by ignoring damage. I believe gaige, lillith, and Maya all have skills in their talent trees that refill shield through damage taken for several seconds after kill. It’s not unprecedented in the design, though, I feel the design should shy away from too many kill skills in a tree that should new for tanking and that already lacks sustain. Maybe this Regen should only work in crit hit after all

If the regen is triggered by critical hit, I think it being able to regen through damage too would be too much imo.
For critical hit trigger, I think starting to recharge with +% rate would be cool already, as Moze can use AoE grenades to proc it through PtHP.

i would rather FF just gave X% of max shield value on crit hit. shields are too brittle in this game for any kind of regen to be too powerful, really. a lot of us use the BBB exclusively, and even that regen isn’t broken considering how easily enemies can plow through your shields.

Its true that regent doesn’t really help anyone since you are basically playing bullet sponge simulator.
But shield on crit COULD be a bit op
I would have to be balanced like lifesteal to not just just keep your shield on max as long as you spray on a crit spot xD
But I guess that would be doable