Force Feedback: yay or nay?

Is FF any good? I have 1 point to either spend in Phalanx Doctrine for more shields/dmg or FF to keep my shield recharging. I’m using deathless and bloodletter so the instant shield recharge sounds good but not sure how good it is in practice. I know another point in PD will be good and it also adds to shields so having a hard time deciding if the instant recharge is a good tradeoff.

For context this is what I’m doing with my build. I’m just trying to get Bottomless Mags capstone and then as much shield boosting/damage enhancing skills as i can from SoR. This is what I have atm:

My mod also has:
+2 TRL to give me 5/3
+2 Desperate Measures to give me 4/3
+1 Phalanx Doctrine to give me 3/5

I’m also torn on matched set vs. scrappy. I really just need 2 points in something to get farther down the tree and neither of these seems great. If I had more matching items matched set could be OK but I don’t atm so the minimum bonus is very bad and debatable whether it’s even worth a point.

It’s ok until you get the guardian rank skill that does the same on any kill.

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OK, good to know. I don’t have that one yet. Do you think a point in that is more valuable than PD if you don’t have the guardian rank yet?

I would say so.

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