Force Ranger Legendary Class Mods Not Dropping

Can anybody confirm that these do drop? I only farmed them like 10 times but no drop on ps4 yet (max level mayhem 3 nvhm)

Force Troopers do drop mods.

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Just had one drop too, just bad luck so far I suppose

Yeah all I’ve gots a shield from the last 10 runs frustrating and tedious especially when there’s no guarantee that when one does drop it will be useful.

RNG is RNG, i’ve killed demonskaggon on my lvl 7 maybe 20 - 30 times now (yeay i’m bored) - didn’t drop a legendary shield until last couple of tries, but i’ve gotten a legendary shield 4 times in a row now.

Ya I’m not complaining, from bl2 these drop rates are still way higher. Just wanted to make sure they did drop so I wasnt wasting time better spent farming elsewhere

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Thats the spirit! enters a meditational farming state to achieve symbiosis with rng

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5th shield now - not sure what happend lol

keep at it !

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Demonskaggon might be next…I could use a shield or two

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I have gtten 2 legendary class mods in 5 runs on normal. So they are dropping I would recommend you restart the game to make sure you get the hotfix

Personally, I got 2 in 50 runs on TVHM M3. So, yes they drop.

I had one group of rangers drop 3, but usually they don’t drop any (Normal/Mayhem 2).

Farm Gigamind 10x and compare. In my experience regular farm targets are better sources of leg class mods than the event bosses. Gigamind drops a lot of gear on m3.

I agree with this 100%. I honestly have given up and went back to Grave.

The 2 drops I got were both at once on TVHM M3

After trying to farm for class mods, it pains me greatly to say Grave still drops legendary class mods way more and is still much faster.

I think it’s safe to say that the bosses that drop specific or unique (to the events) legendaries are worthwhile and that’s it.

How do you know if the hotfix is appplied?? It is maddening I don’t know if it is or not.

Got 3 in 7 runs. 2 amara(same ones sadly) and 1 moze

When you’re in game either when you pause or go into your echo (cant remember which) the game should prompt to return to the main menu to install updates if they aren’t applied