Forced horizontal split screen is driving me crazy; can't read gun stats

I’m used to playing side by side, which I’ve been doing for a decade now. Why did they take it away?! Also, cannot read the gun stats, which on Xbox seem to be tiny, low contrast font, and the red/green is going to be a colorblind issue for many.

Also: I’m tiny on the minimap and the same color as my co-op player, can’t tell us apart. Seems like everything that’s important is hard to see/read while there’s this giant landscape that’s hard to pick anything important out from - and yes, I dialed the field of view all the way in.

Hope they wheel out some patches for this stuff soon. Sigh.


Same here. And even though I am super pumped und therefore really forgiving, I really dislike that they took away vertical split screen.
I only play coop with my wife and in just under 30 mins of playing yesterday, all of the issues you mentioned were too irritating.


Can’t read the text either, though I prefer the horizontal split screen. Also the game lags whenever one of us goes into the inventory, and the game crashed. YAY.


That isnt even the worst thing I ran into. When my wife looked at a weapon to see the stats. The weapon menu popup Blocked OVER 1/3rd of my screen right in the middle WHILE I was still shooting people, infuriating I tell you almost killed the entire game IMO. At the very least co op is night impossible.


Even with a PS4 pro in highest resolution on a 55" 4k tv the weapon text is nearly unreadable in split-screen. Also, the lag and loss of framerate constantly is a real headache. Isn’t this 2019? As of now, since I only play split-screen with my wife, borderlands 2 is way better. Patch needed.


Very comforting to know the lagging isn’t just on my end! I played the game with my mom just last night on XBox and with the combo of horizontal screen, tiny writing, and lagging, it was near impossible to play together. Very disappointing and I hope this is fixed soon.

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Enjoy the catharsis of reading others’ like-minded upset in this tech support thread, while you wait for Gearbox to address this skag pile.

Wonder how long my eyes and brain can handle tonight. Think I’m going to take it back tomorrow for a refund. No point downloading dlc for a game I can’t enjoy

Not enjoying having to look up into the sky to see weapon stats lol

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Glad to see I’m not the only one with all this. Did I add the screen on which I’m having difficulty reading fonts is 72"? :roll_eyes:

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I dont get how they could mess this up! Split screen is the only reason I purchased the game. It’s almost if they dont care about the players at all… if they were going to limit the split screen to one option, vertical would be the way to go. I feel like a fool for buying the super deluxe edition only to receive an unplayable heap of garbage.


Tried it, hated it, returning it. Horizontal split is terrible to say the least. Total waste of $100 for a game that the whole family was so anticipating. Ordered in April…returning on day of launch. Sad. BAD decision Gearbox.



Most of the text I can read, but the objectives under the mini map and gun stats are near impossible without getting up. My main complaint is the lag when one player is in the menu, namely the backpack or skill tree screens. The other player pops around like crazy.

I’m surprised there’s so little complaints here. In addition to the above mentioned issues:

If I walk into a new area of the zone it tells me on the first player portion of the screen that I’ve entered X area of the game. When my wife follows me, which can be when I’m already halfway up a climbing puzzle to get a broken claptrap or Tyson log etc… It covers my portion of the screen again with the exact same notification. (edit - this goes double for opening the Tyson locker on each level. I’m trying to read stats for what I get, she opens it and all I get to see is a huge Crew Challenge Completed banner for her)

Echo logs picked up by one character randomly have a chance to play a second time for the additional character in split screen.

My wife can’t find where I’m at half the time in this game, previous installments had an arrow pointing to your ally at the edge/corner of the screen until you faced them… Now it shows my name at my feet if she has a line of sight to me in a seemingly shortened range. She’s enjoying the game but after having 7 eye surgeries I end up going back to get her instead of there being any accessibility option to enable for her.

There’s no option (that I can find) to lengthen how long an object or enemy is pinged, this would at least help a little in above mentioned situation… However only pinging items even works as making a way point tends to drop below the ground surface at times.

And then yeah, what everyone said above and let’s not forget the bank vanishing anything she tries to save. Co op is so broke…

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