Forced to start from beginning

Looked to see if anyone else was having this issue but wasn’t able to find anything… A friend and I played until level 15 last night and then we got off. I joined his game when he invited me and everything was fine.

Today, I went to get online and it’s making my character start from the very beginning.

Does this game only allow you to progress on that specific player’s game? Am I out of luck and have to start over from the very beginning?*

pretty sure it’s because you played his story. I think that is the way it was in previous games too. I’m not positive though

this , mainly depends on when you entered his game, in BL 2 if you joined a friends game, say 5 mins after he started and played, then next day when you went to your game , you would have to play those few minutes first, then at that point the game would ask if you wanted to skip content already played

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