Forcing Cartel Faction

It seems like you can easily force what faction you face just by doing Slaughter Arenas. I’m not sure what the 3rd Faction is because I’ve only been playing an hour in Slaughter shaft.

But it seems like if I want to face the bandit variant repeatedly I can just repeat Slaughtshaft. If I want to the Maliwan Variant I can just do the slaughter star.

Would this be the correct assumption?

Is there some sort of difference in the factions? Other than the enemies of course? Like loot differences or an achievement or seomthing?

I got this from the cartel post on the news feed.

After 6 runs in joey’s i encountered 3 types, the maliwan, the regular bandits and the mini version with jabbers.

the mini version militants where anoying :sweat_smile:

took for ever to take them out solo (shields towards you 99% of the time)

I agree. All his body parts are hidden.

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