Forcing "Hotfix Applied"

The “Hotfix Applied” sign on the entry screen is very useful, a positive indication that hotfixes have been loaded.

But it’s inconsistent and a bit frustrating. I’ll log in, the sign will be there, and then ->pif<- it vanishes. Or you go in to, say, switch characters or switch from normal to TVHM, back out, and the sign is gone again.

There doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to force-reload the hotfixes. When the sign disappears I usually quit back tot he title screen, log in again, and 45% of the time the sign will indicate the fixes are in. The rest of the time nuthin’, no sign.

GB, is there a reliable way to insure hotfixes are in? How can we force it if the lil sign is not there.

And, quite frankly, is the sign accurate?

Just tired of messing about to get fixes in.


Before the sign shows up you hear a sound indicator that lets you know the hotfix is applied

Then the sign should show up

Also currently you can tell by the christmas lights showing up on the screen.

Once a hotfix is applied, as long as you don’t go offline or w.e, it should still remain applied until you close the app. So you can switch characters and even go to title screen and immediately go into your game without waiting any longer.

So what you’re implying is that the sign itself has less meaning than it seems.
Again, I’m talking about the times when the sign is there, then disappears as if the htofixes are no longer applied.

But your perception/truth is more that the sing mechanism itself is bugged, and if fixes have come in they will not go away without the conditions you mention.
Sign needs fixin’

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I think you missed this following part.

When that happened to me last night the lights disappeared to. I went ahead and loaded into the game anyway. However a quick check of my inventory showed the Companion as an epic which means the patch quit being active the moment I swapped characters. So I had to quit back to the title screen for it to reactivate.

This is not accurate, during the anniversary week with guaranteed rare spawns it was possible to quit to main menu and load a character before the hotfix ensuring the rare spawn had a chance to not be there.

During the week that the hotfix was only a “fix” for the butcher recoil the hotfix loaded faster than menu options - but if we happen to get another large hotfix you do stand a chance at missing out on it.

Well I guess it’s just my own experience then, thought it was like that for everyone. I’m assuming it’s dependent on people’s internet speed and set-up. I know that I’ve never have had to reapply a hotfix once the initial application has occurred regardless of whether I go change characters or not.

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I’m not receiving the “Hotfixes Applied” notification after downloading the update for 2/13/20. Anybody else?

Mine comes up then disappears shortly after and I’m getting no hearts for new event

Mine also pops up for about 3-5 seconds then disappears. My dedicated drop rates feel way lower when this happens. Only way to get it to pop up properly for me is to close and reopen the game completely. Im on Ps4 during valentines event.

So if the sign isnt up when you select play hotfixes are not applied? It’s up with just my character but when my wife joins for two player it disappers

It doens’t stay up, but it should appear when you start the game up and get to the main menu the first time.

Do you both have shift accounts? (Not sure if that makes a difference or not, but thought I’d ask) Also, what platform?

We are on xbox. We both have shift accounts but she doesnt have an xbox gold account would that make a difference since I have one and we are playing under mine thank you for the help I’ve heard horror stories of characters being lost because of the hot fix sign not being up when they started to play

I don’t know about the Gold - I share mine with my family, and hadn’t noticed any issue with that.

I’ve honestly never heard of that happening, certainly not on XBox. There have been issues with Epic’s cloud save system, but whether or not you are signed in to shift should make no difference at all.

I have terrible internet speed, like. 500 ping, 4mb/s down and 0.3 mb/s up and most of the time, i have to manually connect to my shift account. Needless, to say, hotfixes rarelly boot in my game and I have to relaunch the app again and again. I wish there was a way to MANUALLY boot the hotfixes.

There’s a way but its in Gearbox’s hands to do it, they just have to make hotfixes native to the game with the patches that follow them. There must be a backlog of months’ worth of hotfixes that still haven’t made it to the game.

If your connectivity is off, or in some cases, slow, you end up playing a totally different game than everyone else, because gear buffs are not applied, skill adjustments are not there, and action skills don’t work the same way either. It’s an issue that should not exist on a 15 month old game.


In my case, Iron bear with double vanquisher rockets, blue tree and green tree to the +60% buff on iron bear, with the +100% spalsh damage class mod and a gun with +100% vanquisher rocket damage, does less damage than my dahl weapons, such as the breath of the dying. Can you believe that? Basically, it is almost impossible to use iron bear in mayhem 11, I have to only use my guns. It is ridiculous. I should not be required to have fast internet JUST to load the hotfixes.

The hotfix that made Iron Bear scale with Mayhem mode is at least 6 months old. It’s just not acceptable that has not been made part of the game yet.


Does anyone know how big hotfixes are? 1MB, 10 MB, 100 MB?

Also - which platform are you on? I do have an M11 Moze on PC and am tempted to try her without a hotfix just to see if I have the same experience. Never had a COM with +!00% splash damage, but IB was more than enough even without that.

I have a hard time believing that they’re more than 10 MB. Unless they’re being sent in .docx format, in which case 1 GB is more likely…

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I’m on windows 10, if that’s what you mean.