Forcing "Hotfix Applied"

With an XML wrapper to make sure it reaches a terabyte…

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I am in a similar bandwidth range, my latency is quite a bit better(100ms) yet I never really had a lot of issues with Hotfixes not loading. This is provided I allow a few seconds before starting the game.

Right, basically PC vs. console.

So, I tried to avoid hotfixes for my Epic Moze - it was rather tricky, since they loaded quite fast for me.

Tried to start playing before sign showed up - it did not make a difference, IB was evaporating everybody in Droughts.

Started BL3 without internet (disabled WiFi while game was loading) - now that messed it up, but perhaps in a different way. I lost a bunch of skill points (not gone, just was asked to assign them), it unequipped all DLC weapons and probably something else, I did not bother checking at this point. By the way reloading the game later with internet on still kept my Moze in that weird state, I had to re-assign skill points and re-equip stuff, but at least it seemed to work.

So, that was a bit jarring. Perhaps offline game on PC is screwed up somewhat. Might try Xbox version next.

That sounds like it might be related to the tweaks made to various skills alongside the addition of the fourth tree. If so, hopefully it will all end up fully patched with the next update and not happen again :crossed_fingers:

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©Soon :rofl: