Forever alone Event coming!

Hello guys, as many of you know (or not, maybe it’s better that way) Valentines day is coming, and the only reason I’m looking forward to it it’s the TPS event!

What area, boss and loot would you like to see?

Personally, I would like it to take place in Crisis Scar since Red & Belly have that weird relationship and if they could drop any new head would be great!

Considering how the Heart Breaker was the Valentine’s Day present for the past two years and is in the game’s files, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was given out/made droppable by some reskinned boss this year.

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I wonder if Iwa will just get reskinned pink this time…

Probably the bosun or felicity.

is there some anouncment about this somewhre?

not yet, you can expect that on Gearbox’ twitter in the next week or so

I loved the Heart Breaker and would definitely be happy to see it’s return.

Nop, it’s just speculation!

If we get a holiday themed boss I also believe it would be RedBelly.

That’s one of the most brilliant ideas ever! :smile:

“Red and Belly sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S… uh, that’s pretty wrong”