"Forever Malone" concept build

This is a little bit of a fun nod to MorninAfterKill’s “Forever Alone” high fire rate Infinity pistol build, and a little playing around with Karl Malone (perception that he was always being assisted, though false, and he clearly shot a lot).

I’m on time constraints, so I’m going to post the basics here, with brief commentary.

Skill build: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#51055150315203015510005050152100

key gear: Legendary Soldier, Sheriff’s Badge, non-elemental Infinity pistol, Bee shield, Magic Missile, Unkempt Harold, Hornet

With this set up, we’re getting fire rate from:
Legendary Soldier
Sheriff’s Badge
Duty Calls
*Metal Storm

…and damage from:
Legendary Soldier
Sheriff’s Badge
Duty Calls
*Bee bonus
*Crisis Management

We have unlimited slag, constant Able, Damage when our shield is up, damage when our shield is down, etc. If we go into FFYL somehow, the Harold serves as our get-up gun, and is very heavily boosted by the build.

While a lot of people will note the sacrifice of Steady for Duty Calls as a negative, this build will pump up the Harold and Hornet enough that the loss of splash is a moot point against anything outside of specific raid bosses.

Anyway, just a fun thing to mess around with. I may try to run it through Digistruct in the next few days for fun.


I really like this. As a huge fan of pistols, this looks really interesting. Always cool to see people trying new things with Axton.

My only suggestion would be to move the points from Crisis Management to somewhere else. With all of those shield buffs, your shields aren’t gonna stay depleted for long, if at all. That skill might still help you a little during FFYL, but I feel those points would be more useful if placed elsewhere. Either way, this looks fun!

And don’t forget the Lady Fist!

I had actually considered making it 4/5 Onslaught and 4/5 Grenadier with the specific intention of using big area grenades at the start of each fight to get Metal Storm + Onslaught going.

I’ve also been realizing that 7/5 Expertise (L Sold + 2/5 Expertise) and a non-scoped Infinity allows for decent strafe speed without coming off the gun. Onslaught adds to that speed, of course. All in all, it should make for a lot of hosing and strafing!


Pretty good build here, I may have to try this one out!

Ran it through the Wam Bam dlc and Lynchwood. Along the way, I had a head slap moment, put on the deputy badge, and went nuts with a butcher. It was a lot of fun each way.

Sounds fun! Love the concept. Magic missiles fit the theme super well, too. Still, I’m thinking I would use a slightly different spec with a legendary engineer COM. Would also recommend using elemental infinities. This spec:


But what do you think? I’d be curious to hear you’re thoughts. I know that the loss of splash damage would hurt the Harold, but you could use a creamer or Badaboom instead, though they don’t fit the pistol theme.

Once you’ve read this and have decided whether or not you are going to change your skill build, I am going to put this in the master list build collection.

For this particular build, I actually prefer the single turret with maxed out Fire Rate. Duty Calls and the Legendary Soldier are two sources of damage + fire rate, so it changes a lot without them.

I do often keep an Infinity in a slot when I run Engineer builds, very similar to what you posted. It’s good for flyers, piles, stalkers, etc.

Forgot to update fun testing…

  • did the Wattle Gobbler DLC with it. Wound up using a non elemental Sand Hawk for the gobbler, infinity for basically everything else.

  • killed Son of Craw (non raid version) with it

  • killed Jackenstein with it

  • did the TK Baja DLC co-op with it. It was especially great vs the Pumpkin King

Other stuff as well. It’s a bunch of fun :slight_smile:

Interesting. I thought that the damage multipliers various elements yielded would outweigh the benefits of duty calls. Also thought that leg. Engineer’s battlefront boost, combined with the resourceful boost, would mitigate the damage loss enough to make the COM worth it. I definitely see what you’re saying though.

I posted the link to this on the master list build collection. Gulwulf will have it up pretty soon I think.

What are your thoughts on the Legendary Ranger COM as it relates to this build?

Matching elemental damage, Bone of the Ancients, and 9/5 Battlefront will certainly out damage what I have here. That is a definite truth. Legendary Ranger makes it crazy as long as kill skills are up and is amazing with the Bee.

This build is really a fun time with fire rate, non-elemental (so you’re not gear swapping), and ammunition efficiency. Magic Missiles and heavy use of the Infinity mean you won’t buy much ammunition at all. It’s not a DPS King by any stretch of the imagination.

Along the way, it does sneaky things to the Harold, Hornet, Jakobs sniper rifles, non elemental Butcher, etc.

Ok good to know. Yeah this sounds like a lot of fun. I also think this would be excellent for support. Hopefully more people check this out now that it’s on the build collection.