Forge and Redistribution dont work with Heavy weapons

Hi, i dont know if some one already talked about it but Forge/Redistribution dont work with Heavy weapons.
Let me explain what i mean by that:
Forge and Redistribution give you 5% munition/sec BUT for heavy weapons its 0.5%/sec. Making it useless for Heavy weapons(launcher).
After the latest Hex nerf i tried to make my 3 builds to work again and non of these does because of the above.
And big boom blaster is not good at all for that. Its good for grenades but not for Heavy weapons.

The latest patch destroyed all 3 of my moze builds because of that, its frustrating i have zero enjoy of the event because of that.

Gearbox can you change it so that heavy weapons get the full effect of Forge and Redistribution?

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