Forge or Short Fuse?

I’m planning to go donw the blue and green tree as I love dealing gun and explosive damages but I’m having trouble witch capstone to go with. here my build with enough points to go down either of the two trees.

They’re both good. I use a similar build but with short fuse. What guns do you plan on using? That’d probably help us recommend. Otherwise try both, see what works best for you. I respec maybe three times a session.

Well the guns I’ll be looking for are Vladof, Tourge, and Tedoru guns. I would try to find Vladof and Tedoru with explosives element to it, with rocket or grenade underarm or exploded when reload.

Depending whether or not your classmod has a point in redistribution; the extra from forge would not be needed in most cases (to keep from reloading)+ quite often you will be proccing redist through grenade criticals to help regen ammo; and also as you’ve chosen bear skills such as ssb, and SRPMS the damage through short fuse is boosted to about 90% which when procced has more through FitSD.

  • as your planning on being able to reload (not blastmaster) the extra point(s) to forge/ redist wouldnt be necessary
  • note: only tediore weapon thats explosive on shot (that i can think of) is the Lurkshot (blue alien barrel pistol)
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Elderblast grenade shotguns are splash too. @Steeveyb is right. Short fuse will be the better capstone in this case.

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Looks like you want Short Fuse more for your build judging by where you want to go with your choice of weapons. If you’re wearing either the Blast Master or Mind Sweeper COMs which both can have +1 Redistribution then definitely go with Short Fuse, 100%.

The only scenarios where I would pick Forge instead are because I’m either going for a niche build that doesn’t place much emphasis on splash damage in general besides grenade-utility skills in the DW tree, or because I’m wearing a different class mod to the two I mentioned above. For example, I would more likely go with Forge if I was using a Green Monster COM as the ammo regen is essential for accumulating the bonus, but the class mod doesn’t boost Redistribution.

Well actual I was thinking of getting bloodletting so I can get bloodletting so I can get Thin Red Line and Phalanx Doctrine without going down the red tree and the shield thing since she don’t have that many ways to heal her health.