Forge Skill Glitched?

I’ve noticed that since I got the Forge skill (the Capstone skill to Bottomless Mags) it doesn’t seem to work correctly. It says it should constantly regen 5%of any mag, but my gun with a 74 bullet mag won’t regen any ammo. It only starts up once I start shooting enemies. And not crits, so Redistribution isn’t causing the regen. It’s concerning, because that’s the Capstone skill to the whole skill tree. Has anyone else noticed this?

I just tried the BM tree and noticed that same problem! It seems to work sometimes but I also have the Splash damage regen on too so I’m not sure… I can see it regen the gun’s mag but it doesn’t always continue once that’s full.

I was so confused, but if it’s the same thing that was happening to me, it’s that Forge can’t surpass the limit of the ammo pool. So for AR’s, it can’t pass 1400 rounds with the pool and mag combined.

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I can understand that but sometimes it stops short of what the total ammo should be. It doesn’t happen often and it seems to happen when I have to reload the gun manually.

It’s the way it works. It’s also useful for click click… Be at max ammo, spend 90% of the mag and then buy ammo at a vending machine or pick some up from the ground. Your magazine won’t refill past 90% anymore until you reload and you will keep the bonus.

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