Forget graveward, slaughter shaft NM3 is the place

So far averaging 10-15 legendaries a run…

The time is the crucial factor. You can kill Graveward way faster than you could complete a slaughter run.

Edit: Apparently some people think that offering a counterargument means that I recommend playing that way or that I play that way exclusively. But that isn’t the case in any way. I only farm bosses when I need a specific item from a specific boss. Your game, your rules. There’s no point in discussing this.

People with fast PC’s that can load the game in 5 seconds and down Graveward in a single magazine will still win out. Especially if they go offline and GW drops 5 Legs a run.

Pretty sure Graveward is still more lucrative because it takes not even a minute to kill and reload. Slaughter shaft gets you more legendaries but it takes way longer.

However, Slaughter shaft is WAY more fun since enemies actually fight back. Farming the stationary bundle of flesh that Graveward is gets boring rather quickly tbh.


bro, i’m offline and get 2+ leggos a kill, averaging 3-4 leggos a kill, and i’ve seen 8 leggos in 1 kill.

Jakobs Estate. Offline. Anywhere from 3 - 8 loot tinks per run. Averaging 6 - 24 legendaries a run. I’ve yet to find better.

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Hey Jesse, where do you go for this? Just start up the Jakobs Estate mission and go to town? I haven’t tried playing offline before, but I think I might give it a shot to get some loot.

Do you use those Legos to build your own items?


After you open the area just start at the fast travel station next to the vending machines and mob through the whole area. There’s a side quest in the area, something to do with a witch. Do that side mission and it opens another large chunk of map where more tinks can spawn. Plus there’s like 6 chests in the area that can have legendaries in them. Just don’t go into the grotto with the dinos, and don’t bother taking the lift up to the actual estate.

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Pretty much that, but that being said I have farmed Graveward 0 times and I have more legendary gear than I know what to do with.

I prefer to play the game and just kill something that everyone can pretty much one shot 1000 times. I find that dull as can be, so even if I get legendaries slower I get them too fast to know what to do with them anyways.


Depends. You get more stuff per run but you can essentially kill Graveward in seconds if you have a fire Lyuda whilst Slaugherstaft is still gonna take you like, half an hour at least.

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30 mins a slaughter run, mods depending, but 3-5 a round

Or graveward and hope he drops one

Im on ps4 btw so the loading isnt bad but i can just milk the shaft with no loading

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Game is a month old, id say you have at least 4 more years minimum before anything new borderlands related. Id say fun and challenge wins over speed atm. But thats just my opinion and I respect yours. I just dont get the point being speed running a game like borderlands 3


Sorry, OP, Graveward is the top dog for loot, levelling, currency, etc.

Graveward is the entire endgame, I’ll fight anyone on the street who disagrees.

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But is it fun?

Well, I mean, Fun is a very subjective topic. Neither you or I can objectively say something is fun.

For me personally, it is fun to get the right mayhem rolls and melt him in 3 seconds, and it’s certainly fun to have him drop 5 legendaries in one kill.

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Thanks man.

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I disagree, lol

I don’t think we are close to end game, IMO we barely understand the game yet.

My beginning game as I’m calling it is just figuring out fun builds with a bunch of the new toys we have to shoot.

There are so many things we have yet to discover and interactions with things that are not yet clear.

I think end game is a long ways away.

But we can hug instead of fight if thats cool with you


I agree slaughterhouse is way more fun to farm, but TTK for legendaries is way more efficient killing graveward. I’d farm pain and terror but all the legendaries fall through the floor for me. He seems to drop more than graveward, but I hate them being sent to loot box and not getting to decide what I want to pick up. For that reason pain and terror is less efficient for me personally. Anyone else have that issue? Only legendaries fall through the floor.

If its fun for you then have fun man.

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