Forgotten mission

Whatever happened to the mission to shut the three thumpers down?

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Seriously though, got more details?

I remember doing that - three of those drilling/pumping rigs that shake the ground. In Rust Commons - iirc there’s one near the lift bridge? I haven’t seen it in the remaster though. And oddly enough despite my memory telling me I did this side quest, it’s not listed anywhere in the BL mission flow on the wiki.

Huh. Unless it was an incidental part of a different mission?

Hm. I don’t have any memory of this either.

Could it be a mis-remembering of the turning ON of the three “thumpers” in Three Horn Valley in Borderlands 2, the No Vacancy mission? I really don’t recall any other drill related missions.

Even that was raiding three to repair one. Could be it though?

Only thing I can think of. Though I’m going to go run around Rust Commons just to see if I can find anything that looks like this that I may have missed.

I seem to recall some of the steam pumps/thumpers in BL1 do have switches you can interact - maybe that was what OP was referring to?

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Just drove around R.C. East. And yes, there are 3 thumpers thumping, and each has a switch by it.

Each switch is currently red and cannot be interacted with. So something has to happen before one can proceed, nothing obvious on the bounty board.

Think I’ll just clean up all the sides here (I often don’t) and see what turns up.

Ran around everywhere, cleaned up everything, and still can’t find the trigger for those buttons. Checked New Haven, Earl, Scooter, and others also. No joy.

I suspect it was cut content?