Former BL2 player, thinking of getting the Handsome collection, had some questions

Never picked up TPS since i had moved on to the PS4 at that point. But the handsome collection is intriguing me.

  1. is there still a fairly active online community on the PS4?
  2. How would you rank the game compared to BL2?
  3. How’s Lady Hammerlock?
  4. If there is not a very active online community, would i be able to solo some of the end game activities?
  5. Does it still have that addicting “collect-em-all” feel for guns?
    5a. How much do you like pugs from 9/10 - 10/10?

There are still lots of people playing on PS4, wouldn’t worry about that. There are also lots of PS4 communities for the collection. BL2 was better than Pre Sequel, still I enjoy playing it. If you like sniping in BL you’ll love Lady Hammerlock, my favourite character in TPS. You can solo the game without any probs, but it’s lots more fun with friends, just like any Borderlands. Lots and lots and lots of guns, and I want to keep them all lol

Didinho thanks so much for the reply!
I adore sniping, in BL2 the only thing that took me away from that love was Krieg, who remains the best character of all time indisputably.

That all sounds good, it seems like it remains a fun time (im a little burnt out on destiny atm). I think i may keep Aurelia then, but athena also seems like a really good balanced character.

  1. Don’t Know but I imagine it’s similar in ratio to the PC and that it’s about 1/4 the size in general
  2. It’s evolved with ice instead of slag and jumping/stomping because of low gravity. A lot smaller in size (DLC also) but it is fun to play through at least once.
  3. Aurelia is easily my favourite player as she commands the Ice and is most like Maya from BL2
  4. If you can endgame BL2 solo you should be OK with this one. There are techniques you can view via youtube if you have trouble with the end boss(es).
  5. I think they are pugly :slight_smile:

If you adore sniping you’ll love her, the sniping perks are awesome. She’s also quite funny and her cryo damage is absolute op xD

Dontpanic you are a gentleman and a scholar, and to be called pugly is the best compliment anyone could have.

Reinforces me going with aurelia, a big fan of the cryo and even if the game is a little smaller than BL2 i might not even mind.

So awesome thanks.

Most people in this forum don’t see me this way… I have my moments :slight_smile:

[quote=“allsuprussell, post:1, topic:1012716”]How would you rank the game compared to BL2?[/quote]Different enough that I would consider it a different game, but one that you’ll be pretty familiar with mechanically? It’s not as, eh, polished as BL2, but the lasers, cryo element, low gravity, jump assisting, and butt slams are all very fun new game mechanics in my opinion. I would consider Claptrap’s Claptastic Voyage a mandatory addition as well… that is very well done.

[quote=“allsuprussell, post:1, topic:1012716”]How’s Lady Hammerlock?[/quote]I think she’s quite fun: like Zer0, she’s got a sniping tree that manages to be quite different from Zer0’s in the way you handle your weapon. Her middle tree is fun in its own way, and the third tree… if I was playing co op, I’d hit it, but it’s weird like that.

[quote=“allsuprussell, post:1, topic:1012716”]If there is not a very active online community, would i be able to solo some of the end game activities?[/quote]Absolutely, depending on your own skills.

[quote=“allsuprussell, post:1, topic:1012716”]Does it still have that addicting “collect-em-all” feel for guns?[/quote]For me, yes and no: not enough of the players’ skills synergize with a weapon manufacturer, so I don’t play allegiance builds (kind of), which was the original basis for my desire to collect weapons. Still, there are some wonderful weapons to be had in this game. If you were hooked in BL2, you’ll probably be hooked here.

Well screw those guys, you remain all of the above in my book!

  • generally, how long do you think a playthrough would last for a first go round? Also, do most people end up doing a second playtrhough with the same character or starting a new fresh one? I can’t quite remember what i chose in BL2 though i ended up playing high end content with maya, krieg and zero.

About takes (probably a bit more) than 1/2 the time of BL2 would be a good rule of thumb for the main game, the DLC has only one area expansion but a big one so it also is less than 1/2 the time as BL2.


BL:TPS - Main Story (17½ Hours), Main + Extras (24½ Hours), Completionist (43 Hours)
BL2 - Main Story (31 Hours), Main + Extras (50½ Hours), Completionist (94½ Hours)

Send me a FR on ps4 if you decide to pick the game up. I’m always up for co-op. PSN-ID: UNLO4D3D247. Youre not going to satisfy your curiosity of the game until you break down and play it. I’ve been an avid B-lands player for about 4 years now across all titles. I have no regrets of getting The handsome Collection for PS4. Even if you don’t like Hammerlock, youll likely find at least 1 of the characters that does interest you. If you do send me a FR please include a message explaining the reason youre sending it so I dont confuse it with a random request. Thanks, good luck & happy looting!! Also Im ok with pugs. :acmaffirmative:

Literally just bought it, downloading now :slight_smile: absolutely will add you and hope to embark on some whacky loot filled adventures.

You might want to check out the following thread, if you haven’t already done so. Apparently, there are still some ongoing issues particularly with certain areas in TPS that the latest patch did not correct. However, GBX is still working on a fix:

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Aurelia is a monster, total destruction of trash mobs. A little delicate against bosses but nothing Whiteout and a good adaptive shield can’t fix. I play her, Athena, and Claptrap pretty evenly. Highly recommend all three.

Bought it on sale at best buy for 40 bucks. Not nearly as good as bl2, but still fun to play. Finished uvhm in about 3 weeks total (I work a lot) legendary weapons are harder to come by, the slot machines are way stingier, with no shields. The oz kits make for interesting play, the grinder, is amusing at first, then a pain. Can’t use mules on ps4, like on ps3. I was in the exact same boat as you. Retired the ps3, and waited for this to come out.

One major note, lots of freezing issues, but 90% of it went away after the last end of october update.

Farming isnt nearly as fun as it was on bl2. The claptrap adventure is fun, but the holodome is garbage.