Forming a crew to play with at launch

I’ve met some people already but i’m trying to form a crew of people to play Battleborn with on launch, I need some more people to play with because so far i’ve only met 2 @ArmoredElder and @faveveid. I still need 3 more people to play with on launch. keep in mind I’m in highshcool and Battleborn comes out on a Tuesday so i’d prefer people who are still in highschool. I’m playing on Ps4.
And now, a haiku!
Orendi is short.
Phoebe is a true beauty.
It’s snowing on Mt. Fuji.

yo dood, you gatta mention which platform you’ll be playing on dood

Oh sorry, thanks!

Zer0 would be disappoint

Also I’m down; planning to get BattleBorn on midnight release so yeah

I’ve already added you haven’t ?

I’m pretty sure but I’ve probably forgotten
Long days at work and tequila can do that to a guy heh

It’s fine.

Shame that the closest GameStop is an hour away

Damn, that is something to drink about.

I’m down, also play on PS4. Name: Evelshadow

Add SayBacon on psn

Already did bro.

FYI you guys should add each other.

I’m whwiii on ps4.