Fortnite X Mayhem

Fortnite and Borderlands Crossover. Maybe we’ll end up seeing fortnite in Borderlands too. The source is the official Fortnite Instagram.

I know people might not think this belongs but it does somewhat have something fo do with with Boderlands so i thought why not. I know people might not like Fortnite here but it seems like it’s happening.


Dear God no.


Not really a fan or fortnite. Would rather have a Borderlands x FFXIV crossover just so I can wield Excalibastard as a Gunbreaker… >.>


Everyone is wrong…the only borderlands Crossover that needs to happen is…

Borderlands and Shadow Warrior


Don’t forget there’s already a precedent for this in the crossover between BL2 and Poker Night 2. I could see something similar to that here, in that playing BL3 will unlock cosmetics in Fortnite and playing Fortnite will unlock cosmetics in BL3, or something like that. The fact that Fortnite is owned by Epic Games and that BL3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on launch only makes it even more likely.

Whatever it is, it still won’t make me play Fortnite.


I am a firm believer that Fortnihaiii… Fornighhh… Forguuu… “That Thing”… is one of the top 5 things that has harmed modern gaming the absolute most. “Why?” you ask?..

  • Reliance on micro-transactions and PTW mechanics

  • Does not encourage fairness, strategy, or skill. Most of it is pure luck of the draw and what you’ve paid for to get a minuscule leg up on the competition.

  • Essentially ruled by 11 year olds and their favorite YouTubers… if you were an 11 year old gamer who played online or know any then you know what I mean by this. (I don’t elaborate on this point because it’s would take 6 bullet points and I’m trying to be a least SOMEWHAT succinct here…)

  • Dumped its entire original game concept to become a PUBG clone.

I could go on, but those are the primary reasons. Dear All That is Holy™, don’t put your horror show in my Borderlands.

I know that might sound harsh, but so does that 11 year old screaming racial/sexist slurs at the player that killed them 10 seconds upon landing so now they have to spend 15 minutes finding another match.


I know I’ll be in the minority, but back in season 2-4 playing with my squad was some pretty nice times in Fortnite. Since they have moved on I don’t play anywhere near as much as I used to but I do have nice memories of it. Now I only play a match every two or three weeks. That said, i am dreading a fortnite crossover but hopefully it’s better than I think it will be, I’ll definitely play it though in case we get another Poker Night thing happens.

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sorry, I need to have my drink


I think you’re being a bit dismissive of the work that led to Fortnite’s success. I say this as someone who does not like or play Battle Royale games. Many “PUBG clones” have failed because they tried to clone PUBG. Fortnite’s look, play, and game mechanics are unique to them. You should also tell Bugha that the game requires no strategy or skill (he doubled up his competition on points in the most lucrative gaming payout ever). All F2P games rely on microtransactions and to my knowledge it’s not P2W as you can’t buy weapons/armor (though again, I’m not too familiar with their Vbucks system)…

If there’s actually a reason to cross promote the two games, then I’m all for it, both are cartoony goofy shooters with silly weapons and items…However, it could just as easily be some awful forced marketing ploy


I played Fortnite when it originally came out and I’ve only played the Battle Royale mode once.

I personally don’t think it belongs on Pandora.

I would much rather have an Overwatch/Borderlands crossover instead.


The Hammy the Hamster Wrecking Ball Pop Figure on my computer agrees.


(I am sorry)

GBX, please team up with Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog and make my boy Lo Wang as playable class. :upside_down_face:
And gameplay wise, Shadow Warrior 2 is a mix of Doom/Serious Sam and Borderlands for me as it is.

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This is the ultimate middle finger Epic did to the fans and supporters of Fortnite throughout the development process.


Him winning doesn’t disprove that the game takes no skill… However, I will not say the game requires no skill, but rather that said skill does not necessarily put you at significant advantage, since there is a, as he put it, “luck of the draw” mechanic to it.

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Of course winning alone doesn’t disprove that which is why I made the next part of my statement above…winning consistently and finishing so far ahead of your opposition (doubling up a large pool of players, all of whom are training and preparing for a long time specifically for this) would indicate that the game is not that random (it could of course be possible that he is somehow the luckiest person ever, as outliers can exist in random sets)…Yes, in BR games the early game loot and the other player’s positioning to you plays a huge factor, but there’s a lot of skill involved to consistently win despite the random nature of the start of these matches.

I’d totally buy a Zer0 skin in fortnite. My two most played games atm, Bl2 being higher by a few thousand hours. But I really do enjoy Fortnite. Once you get past the screaming 9 year olds that is. I just ignore them, and chill out with my friends while I play it. Idc if it takes a lot of skill or not, I just find the game pretty fun (minus the mechs)

Apparently only a psycho skin . Maybe we’ll get another. Links and imaged for this of us interested:

Skin seems alright and I’ll probably cop it but really kinda seems like it needs more of that borderlands look.

Another update: you get the bundle for free, but only if you preordered borderlands 3 for pc

Surely this is just a, rather good, marketing ploy for BL3. Whether you approve of Fortnite or not, it has a huge player base, not all of whom are “hardcore” gamers. Perhaps many have never heard of Borderlands or, at least, don’t really know what it’s about. Showing them what a Borderlands game looks like, especially as it has a similar cartoony (“That’s a word now” - Scooter) feel, might tempt them to try it. If you only get 0.01% of the 250M Fortnite player base to give it a go, that’s 25K additional sales (£1.25M). Not to be sniffed at :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess ‘good’ depends on your point-of-view, but it certainly has that scent of inevitability about it given the EGS exclusive PC release of BL3. Which I suppose means I should expect a new wave of posts incoming in 3… 2…

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