Fortune Among The Stars (Proofreader needed!)

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Fortune Among The Stars is a novel written by Simuxiao, one of our former 9CCN members. The original text of this novel is in Chinese. It tells the story of homeworld: cataclysm from the first perspective of the commander of the Kuun-lan fleet.

I and some other 9CCN members are working on translating the novel into English, but we are not native English speakers, so the finished product may have many mistakes and shortcomings. I will keep updating the English chapter of this novel. If you are interested in the content of this novel and want to proofread our text to improve the quality of translation, please contact us:

I will update this novel in another post. Please leave your comments about this novel here instead of replying directly to the post with updating novel.

In order to give you an intuitive impression of the novel in advance, I translated chapter 19 and 20 as trial chapters, and you will find that the content of these two chapters corresponds to the main plot of the first mission of the game.

Here’s the Link:Forturn Among The Stars (Trial Chapter 19 and 20)

Fortune Among The Stars (Trial Chapter 19 and 20)