Forum App for Mobile Devices

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Apparently (Android and iOS in the relevant stores).

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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I looked into this last year and couldn’t find anything. At one time there was a Borderworlds app which I think was more like a game.

It’s not on the iOS App Store now though and can’t find any other apps related to Gearbox.

I just downloaded a dedicated browser for the forum and use Safari for other stuff.

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Edit: Borderworlds was indeed a game, and there was also an app for the remote controlled Claptrap. I know that the latter is no longer available at least for Android due to changes in Android itself.

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Thank you for giving the name and links to it in the respective app stores because I’ve been looking for it and never found it. I just installed the app, I’m actually on it now (Android, Samsung Note Edge in case y’all are curious, maybe a newer device would alter my opinion), and it is the same as using Chrome except for the bar at the top of the screen being white instead of black. If it had a change in UI or made some of the features (ie, the stuff in the bar at the top of the text entry box) more easily accessible for a mobile user I’d give it a ringing endorsement, but all I can do now is give it an emphatic Meh.

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There are only two reviews on the iOS store (which is a flag on its own) and they’re both negative. I find I need (“need” :laughing:) to fly through all kinds of open tabs finding info and images outside of the forum so it seems pointless for my purposes.

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I know that the app is something that the Discourse team is aware needs some work. I don’t really know anything beyond that statement, however. Personally, I just use my browser when I access the site on my tablet (and I’m a little fed up with the fact that so many ‘apps’ are basically just a dedicated way to invoke the web site you can get to through your browser anyway!).