Forum barely reachable

Hey guys, not sure this is something you are aware of but the forum is barely reachable.
loading takes forever, loads of error codes (bad gateways) or simple timeouts.
I sometimes make it in, but a friend of mine has not and has been trying for over an hour.
this will surely not make any reporting on test results easier.


Forum traffic is incredibly high at the moment. Thus the slowness and time-outs. I’ve been sitting here swearing to myself as the forum sits loading…Then timing out.
I feel halpless!!!


So how much are you actually on the forums. I understand since now is prime time traffic, but apart from that, how much?

i guess everyone is on here now with the battleborn technical test starting

And when we have activity it kills the forums… We can’t win!

Lets put it this way. According to the main forum page, Battleborn has posted 30 new threads today. That’s more than 10 times what the daily average has been for the past week. We’re all flooding those threads at an astonishing rate, and we’re all trying to follow those threads as they update. I’m waiting for some ISP to flag it as a DDOS attack or something, because we’re hitting this thing so hard that the company servicing the connection has started rerouting requests

… oh, and on top of all that traffic, Borderlands 2 and Pre-sequel dropped updates today as well, so those boards are going to have increased traffic as well. GG

Tl;Dr? its swamped to a level over 9000


seems like they wanted to do a stresstest of the forums as well

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Its ok Kitty, “I fight for the users”

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Yeah there’s much higher traffic today than is typical… :sweat_smile: We have scaled up resources for the forums and are continuing to watch it. Sorry for the timeouts!

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hey we get asked to test, we do so :wink:
been years since i did a technical test, so i am all ready with drinks and snacks and a friend on voice to curse to if needed. Yay!

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seems to get more fluent already Neil! thumbs up :smile:

I find if I open a new tab with the topic it works, but if I try to just navigate to the new topic on the same tab, I get nothing. Running chrome.


yeah that works thanks for the hint, hope it satbilizes soon

56 new topics? Really?

Yup…usually happens with betas, especially when the beat forum doesn’t seem to be up :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably server overload. I can imagine the huge traffic going on since the Closed Technical Test has gone live.

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Poor forums! :frowning: They need to get a better server with 8 cores! :wink: 300 gigs of ram.

More like 300 TB…

At least there is activity on the forums here, I was doing a closed test a few moths back and there were only a small handful of people posting and then just a even fewer of them posting on game issues.

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