Forum Bug Report - Tool Icons and Spoiler Text Issues

In addition to the icons in the editor window toolbar being black with transparent background on a dark grey background, making it impossible to read them, spoiler text now seems to be having the same issue.

For example, this spoiler text is black on the standard backgorund, so even clicking on it fails to properly reveal the text.

Something is badly off in the CSS! Ah, here’s a likely looking culprit:

d-editor-button-bar button {
    background-color: transparent;


Paging @discourse, @Jeffybug


@JoeKGBX could probably do it, he’s an admin as well…

Interesting watching the page toggle as someone plays with the site CSS live… The toolbar buttons in the editor aren’t changing, however.

Edit: and now I can even see my speling errur!

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Jeffy says last seen “just now” meaning he is probably doing it…

Did some goofin around, spoilers aren’t as neat as they used to be, but at least they’re legible now!

@discourse could you have someone take a look and potentially clean it up? It seems like some issues with the CSS classes.

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You might need to speak to him on meta.discourse. org as he is normally busy on that but responds quicker…

I just looked into this issue and it seems like it was regressed in a recent commit. Fixed via:

@Jeffybug for the time being I modified your CSS fix to look a little better. Will remove that CSS once the proper fix is deployed here.


Proper fix is now deployed here, removed the CSS hack.


Yayyyyy! Now hopefully it will work now…