[Forum Idea] Streamlining comment response notifications in inbox

Was looking through my notifications, and thought it kinda looked…well, chaotic. Thought of a way to clear it up, based on an idea I got from YouTubein how they deal with it.

In my immediate inbox [=icon in the upper-right corner], there are currently, are a number of likes and replies [=:heart: / :arrow_left:] to comments or threads I’ve made, but the thing is, those notifications don’t disappear – rather, they add up in any which way, which as I’ve stated, looks pretty chaotic. So I drew up this:

Notification of new action to a post/thread would still be highlighted in red, as is currently being done.

As for the streamlining itself, compile multiple actions of a given type [=:heart: or response] to a specific post, displayed as [# of responses][response type] [thread title:post #].

So rather than it looking anything like this mess…:

:heart: [user1] [thread 1: post #1]</font color>
:arrow_left: [user 1] [thread 1: post #1]
:heart: [user2] [thread 1: post #1]
:arrow_left: [user 2] [thread 1: post #1]
:heart: [user3] [thread 1: post #1]
:heart: [user1] [thread 2: post #1]
:heart: [user2] [thread 2: post #1]
:arrow_left: [user 1] [thread 2: post #1]
:arrow_left: [user 2] [thread 2: post #1]
:arrow_left: [user 3] [thread 2: post #1]
:arrow_left: [user 4] [thread 3: post #1]

…it ends up looking a bit like:

x3 :heart:s [thread 1: post #1]</font color>
x2 :heart:s [thread 2: post #1]
x2 :arrow_left:s[thread 1: post #1]
x3 :arrow_left:s [thread 2: post #1]
:arrow_left: [user 4] [thread 3: post #1]


Sounds useful…

And also might I suggest Discourse, could you replace the image of who created the thread to who replied last: