Forum issue: Link list dropped to end of OP

@discourse Thanks for helping with my Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel O.T.D.H. loot maps padding issue of linklist (at New Forum Feedback Thread).

However, my other thread Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps has still the same issue. Am I correct that this is CSS-issue? So nothing that I can do at this end, right?

Could this be fixed too?


I’ve seen this happen a couple of times on some of my posts as well. Not sure if it was related to the CSS update that temporarily broke the spoiler tag and the edit window buttons, or something else. Checking now…

Edit: Interesting. See for example Derch’s massive guide. The first side link is in the right place, but all the others are pushed off waaay down to the bottom (it’s a big post!) My post here is OK, similar for other threads. There seems to be some weird interaction between the content and positioning of the top links, and it seems to be specific types of content responsible? Unfortunately, I really don’t have time to dig deeper right now.

Yeah, that splitting happened to my TPS thread. Was fixed and is currently OK. Should think that if this is CSS-issue, changes/corrections would be sitewide, not threads one-by-one?!

For example this again happens here: first post is OK, but @VaultHunter101 's reply has this splitting issue. Weird :open_mouth:

This is another CSS issue. Can you have a look @discourse?

Note that it does depend on window width, so it’s probably one of the per-width media queries.

I just fixed the issue via adding this custom CSS:

.gutter .track-link {
    width: 90%;

This issue was present in all the threads where the link title was extending to the second line. The above CSS fixes the issue for all the threads.


Nice, issues is now fixed on both my threads.

As said on original huge thread, this was not a game breaking issue, but became surprisingly annoying one :smile:

Thanks @discourse and @techAPJ. Have only cookies, hope that’s sufficient? Here: :cookie: :cookie:

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This calls for cake, I think! :cake: :cake:

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