Forum Issue - Shown Email Address

I just realized I see almost everyone’s email address in the forum. It is just to the right of the user name. I checked mine, and it was also showing up, although I told it not to share. Just realized the forum changed my default name to my email, and it shows that name next to the username on every post I make… Thought others might like to know that there “not shared to anyone else” email address is public if you haven’t changed this.

That is what II said in another thread. Tell me what my email is to test.

No email for you… Just says “☆Taiidan Loyalist Forever☆” where it would normally show up. :smile:

Can’t see any of your emails listed. Hope you can’t see mine.
Allready had my ISP get hacked and had it stolen!

I think it is new users with thier E-Mails shown. I changed my title to Taiidan Loyalist Forever a few months ago…

@JoekGbx, check this out.

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FWIW, everything looks good to me. I can’t see any of your email addresses on post. There is an option available to display your email address, but again, on my screen it doesn’t look like any of have that option selected.

I mean new users…

I’m seeing a few on the CTT forum, but again, it’s just a setting that can be changed.

My issue is that the option was turned off, but it populated my email address in my name field, and I had to alter that to make it disappear. Just wanted people aware they may need to fix that to hide their address.

These new Forums are linked to SHiFT and as a result your Forum Name will either be set as your SHiFT Display Name (if set) or your SHiFT Email until it is changed. I know what you’re talking about @hitnrunxx as I had the same issue when we first migrated to these forums from our old ones. Nobody can see your email now via the Forum. I hope this information clears things up for you folks!


Ok, I figured out the email thing. I’ve been trying to find a way to change my username for nearly two hours. Any suggestions? I apparently need very detailed instructions because I’ve tried to change it here and at SHiFT and don’t see that option.

I reallized a little while ago that my name is also part of my email. I went into Shift to change it to my common user name but it doesn’t seem to have changed on the forums.Any thoughts on how to change it?

Both of you let me know what you want your username to be exactly and ill change it for ya.


and thank you

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All set! :smile_cat:

Lets see if it works

Awesome! Thanks for this! The extra ‘privacy’ is a lot better!

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please and thank you.

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Good to go, friendo!

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