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So I just made a post that apparently someone else has talked about

Let me start by saying I understand dupe posts can crowd the forum…But my problem is more that my thread was just flat out closed…No link to any other similar chats…No merge of threads…Just closed…

So I go look for a similar one and find none…Maybe I dont know how to look well honestly…But couldnt find it so I posted it in the battleplan where of course its gonna be drowned in 1000 other comments from all other kinds of subjects and not addressed at all…Which is a more person to person personal problem…Cause as I said I understand the forums getting clogged…so firstly Id expect to atleast be turned to the right direction, and just salty because I know my specific personal concerns will not be adressed the way they would be in a original post thread…Which I had just gotten a response before the thread was closed :/.

I guess the point is, Is this common place here…I thought only offtopic/flaming…so on so forth got flat out closed…


It happens pretty regularly (and I’m grateful for it). They try to merge when they can, I think, but I imagine the forums are pretty busy with the update. Keep in mind they are volunteers doing the best they can.

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I don’t mean to sound like a wannabe mod, but as an admin of another forum and having had experience as a forum moderator in the past, I feel I can declare unequivocally people really should read forum rules before posting. All forums have them and all forum posters are clearly encouraged to read them before posting.

I’m sorry you feel bad about your topic being closed, but it’s a pretty sure bet this one will be too. Whether or not the original closure was explained properly, discussing moderator actions in open forum is strictly forbidden in the rules. You should voluntarily delete this thread and contact whoever closed your topic by PM.


I edited it out…Link to forum rules if u have it as I have looked as well and cannot find thank you…Im not hear to flame or throw anyone under the bus or anything I just want this discussed and addressed.

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Here you go!

Forum Rules

And remember, you really can PM any moderator. They are nice people and won’t bite your head off, I promise.


I´m don´t know what exactly happenend, but anything regarding administration & mods should be put into a PM adressed to the mods or Joe. Everything can be solved, changed unclosed, ect. just PM one of us :slight_smile: No matter if you have a problem with mod or regular user - just PM the mods/admins.

Merging & closing happens often. For example we have now 5-7 topics regarding microtransactions and all the issues regarding those, its already much. If some new topic regarding MTs is actually new content or a new discussion no mod would close it - new feedback & perspectives are awesome!
But if its a already voiced concern or a post fitting into an existing discussion we´d go on to merge the new topic into the bigger old one to keep all things together.

Oh, yes, here you go -> Forum Rules

Ninjad by @Elaura :heart:


I mean I understand being busy and all, thats totally fine I know you guys are busy everyone just posts a bunch of stuff here without checking for anything and I may have not seen it or looked hard enough but at the very least if its just going to be closed atleast a link to a relative thread…I know its doeable. If its really about being busy its alot faster than us back and forth pming to get the link. I mean for the sake of argument what I am doing doesnt speed up the process but its more about the manner of which things occured Im trying to figure out here, And thanks Ganjamira :smile:

Thanks also currently reading

As said I don´t know what exactly happenend here in detail (I understood one of the mods closed a topic early) so at best you PM the mod who closed it. Of course I´ll jump in if invited though.

To post a link with 1 or 2 related (and at best still active) topics is the usual procedure most mods here do, but not always and not all of them.

Sometimes it hard to find “the one” fitting topic. Maybe your post had 3-4 main points?
Like, one paragraph adresses MM, another evolves about the MTs and the last sentences are about, lets say, Alani. Then its rather hard to give you one link, even if every paragraph itself would look great in another topic or could help the discusion there. Such things can be tricky sometimes^^

Following we can discuss in the PM