Forum post menu is very limited - Please add color options in forum post menu

I’m not Teks, but I do have suggestions, as one of those who spends a lot of time writing guides here :smile:

I know there are a lot of options with HTML, but I would like more Buttons on that black header over where you write text. We have one for quotes, one for bold, one for italic… all the way to the Emotes.
But there is still room available to put some more, like one to get the underscored text.

Colored text would be VERY nice, and it’s pretty much the biggest piece missing from my usual arsenal. Another one for text size would be very nice too, but not necessary.

Oh! and, add emojies with basic symboles (like this one: :a: but in a few more colors (let’s say all the colors used for gear rarity for example) and the whole alphabet (I believe we only have A and B… and only in red) and numbers from 0 to 9… but in more than one color. (and maybe parenthesis, equation signs… something to make clear equations that are easy to break down in a glance.
If colored text is too much of a hassle to implement, this could be a nice alternative.

Honestly, I know NOTHING of either HTML or markdown, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it :smile:
It just takes a bit of getting used to. In no time this place is gonna be great.

I’m still putting time into he forums, and don’t have much to add yet. So far its just adapting to how everything is different, which is where I got the windows 8 analogy. So much was changed, and some functionality was removed, but they did get it working out well in the end.

Right now, there just aren’t many formatting buttons. Color, indents, fonts, and centering for example. The rest I can see working out once I get used to it, but wow, initially its pretty confusing.


[quote=“teks, post:29, topic:1139”]
Color, indents, fonts
[/quote]backticks (that thing to the left of 1) will create monospace

> creates a blockquote, which is the closest thing we seem to have to indenting


Color still doesn’t exist, nor does centering.
Why you’d need centering or comic-sans is anyone’s guess.

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I’d imagine things like centering and font options, (and most of the formatting requests, actually) would be for the purpose of making guides. In normal, everyday posting, those options aren’t terribly important, but they can make a huge difference in the readability of a guide.

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Disabling whatever is stripping out style=“whatever: something” would certainly do that.

When posts get really long, like with guides and builds. Advanced formatting can be a pretty big deal. Walls of text get ignored, and its so important to make it as easy as possible for readers to find the information they are interested in.
Center text for titles and sub titles really helps separate ideas and sections, and is a good alternative to simply making the text bigger and bigger.

As an example, Look at Derch’s Deputy Athena Build.
Here is his old version
Here is his new version
To me, the old version looks better and one of the very very few differences involves the titles, and subtitles not being centered in the new version. If we click and drag the images to the center we can see how it would look like, and I think its a marked improvement.
It just makes the whole piece look so much less cluttered on the right, and makes the work appear much more professional.

Im going to throw my suggestion in here. Spoiler tag button on the options bar.

The change you made from orange to orange highlight in your text is amazing. Oh the things I would do to have a purple highlight around mine :wink:
(purple rocks)

Oh, it turns out you can do 2nd tier with one preceeding space (before the * or -) and 3rd with 5 spaces.

Looks like Youtube links will become a player automatically.

sup and sub HTML tags work. So do u tags.

Numbered lists and nesting follow the same rules as the dotted ones, but hilariously it doesn’t matter what the number is… As long as it’s “#. item”

  1. This was a seven.
  2. This was 139.

Yes, someone told me of this Easter Egg.
Do you happen to know how I can fix the second blank line between the bullets that appears out of nowhere for no reason?

##Step 1: Go to Concordia
* Targeted Challenges
 * Buy Items of the Day
 * Buy items with Moonstones
* Go in Normal Mode to get the cheapest **Items of the Day**
* Sell everything you buy, to get a head start in **Sell Items**
* Buy Moxxi drinks...

Like so?

My best advice is to insert the spaces and asterisks (or dashes) yourself, without using the buttons.

Turns out you can do 2nd tier with ONE preceeding space (before the * or -) and 3rd with 5 spaces.

I want a blank line between Buy items with moonstones and Go in Normal mode. Like in the writing box in the picture. Not that it will do much at making it easier to read. Most guides look like boring walls of text now.

Ah, I see. putting /ul at the end of a line will end the list there. Markdown will start a new list at the next - or *, so don’t worry about this breaking anything. It should actually fix it.

`##Step 1: Go to Concordia

  • Targeted Challenges
  • Buy Items of the Day
  • Buy items with Moonstones
  • Go in Normal Mode to get the cheapest Items of the Day
  • Sell everything you buy, to get a head start in Sell Items
  • Buy Moxxi drinks…`
    ##Step 1: Go to Concordia
  • Targeted Challenges
  • Buy Items of the Day
  • Buy items with Moonstones
  • Go in Normal Mode to get the cheapest Items of the Day
  • Sell everything you buy, to get a head start in Sell Items
  • Buy Moxxi drinks…
  • That looks nice, if I get over my morning boredom I’ll do the guide like that. Thanks!

    I’m still learning too. If I pick up any other formatting tricks, I’ll hop over to your guide and mention them.


    I tried doing it manually. It did not work. The asterisks showed up as asterisks. I had to format it like I had it before. I give up.

    @Jeffybug @joekgbx
    The character limit is 60000 and my Prestige guide for Borderlands 2 is 61340 or something. After having adjusted the code for here and having ported everything, I had to delete the last bit because it exceed the character limit and it couldn’t be saved. :disappointed:

    Any chance it could be increased?

    Everytime i put multiple empty lines, the text in the preview space wont space seperatly. Its annoying because now i can organize my thread. Example:


    some more text

    You can only have one blank line in between text. Any way to give at least 5 line between text? Now my Dr. Ted thread will never be as neat and clean.

    Also is there center tags? We also need center tags, and color. There are a few nice additions, but look at these colorful threads from before:


    Here is where I would post their boring versions from here, but not sure if they are here and I am sure you can imagine them without color

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    You can sorta get around the one line limit,

    By putting in empty [spoiler][/ spoiler] tags in-between.

    This has been a great read for understanding how some of the new forum mechanics work. I also like that now finding dev posts looks like finding legendaries!

    Also, can we have forum friends again? I liked that. My two friends made me seem popular.