Forum Question Regarding Vault Cards

I am a lapsed player who is coming back after buying Season Pass 1 today during the Xbox ultimate add on sale. my questions is this, is Season Pass 2 worth buying for the vault cards? would I only get cards 2 and 3 since it looks like 1 has come and gone? is this still a good deal for $20? or with all the content of season pass 1, which I touched none of, that is enough content to keep me busy for awhile?

You’ll get all Vault Cards - they are permanent. SP2 also gives you 4th skill trees, raid boss, Arms Race, cosmetics, and some exclusive loot. It was worth it to me at full price, YMMV.

Now, if you are going to be exploring 4 DLCs from SP1 first, that will take some time, so no big rush.


The Vault Cards and Daily Challenges add a Tiny value to the game. I’d recommend getting everything at as BIG a DISCOUNT as possible. Waiting 2 years was definitely the way to go. Wish I had waited.

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