Forum Support? Old profile question

Hi there,

I don’t know where the forum support category is but saw questions here. Sorry if this isn’t the right place.

I was a member for a number of years, but haven’t logged in for a long while. Is there anyway to reassociate to my old profile? I’m still using the same email but the forum considers me new (my old username was Heartlight).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Was this on the old vBulletin board? Or these ones here?

Search didn’t bring up an account by that name so if you wish to get the name back I may be able to get it.

Though I’ve got one more quick way to check in case.

We moved here in 2014. Were you last active before then?

OK, I did find an account by that name. Though it is marked as set up September 19th, no year given so it’ll be this one.

It may have been pre 2014 since I last logged in. I was active I think for about four years before that, first logging on because I had read a 135 page post about whether Bl2 or Bl1 was better. It was a good read and amazingly civil :slight_smile: I had created a signature picture that gave Maya and Lilith the Hank Reiss hat way back then :slight_smile:

Anyway, if we can’t reassociate, would you be able to give me my old username Heartlight back?

Thanks for all your help!

Unfortunately due to that other account having the name it won’t let me. Any variations that would work? Numbers on the end or something?

Maybe: Heartlight-again

That might be too long so you could just add a one or exclamation mark or something. :slight_smile:


That’s done, apologies for the delay.

Goodness, no apologies. Thanks so much :slight_smile: